My Hero Academia “Infinite 100%” Review

Everyone has their opinions over this story arc, but for me? I absolutely love this! I get it, some people really wanted to see more of Midoriya throughout this story, but his time will always come. Like his time has come right now. But reaching this point? There was no better time than now to further our exploration of this superhero world by giving us more of what these other pros and upstarts have to offer. Without so many of their sacrifices already, Midoriya would not even be pushing himself as far as he is about to this week!

This episode right here? Brilliance is the only word I could use for what unfolded this week.There was memorable character moments, there was thrilling action, the animations were phenomenal. Everything about this episode was worth the wait for everyone who was waiting for Midoriya to get his time in the spotlight in this arc. Surprisingly it wasn’t even just Midoriya who stood out in this episode. The team of Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Ryukyu truly kicked ass. I appreciated that the beginning of the episode would take us back to what they were up against on the outside and how that led to their crashing into the fight between Midoriya and Chisaki. I mean, my jaw did drop as we saw that they had to take on Rikiya. This was someone you thought would really give them a run for their money. Not to say he didn’t of course, because he did. and that is probably what made their encounter no matter how short so exciting to jump into.

For those three, I found it awesome to see what they could also lend the story in terms of raising the spirits. There isn’t anyone here involved who wasn’t left barely standing, but it said a lot for them to see what they were up against in Chisaki and still try pushing past their limits.

Speaking of Chisaki, there was no better time than now to finally get into this character and what makes him tick. By the end of this episode everything came together between the circumstances which put him in charge of this organization, what motivates him to use Eri the way he does, and the reinforcement of his perspective of the world around him. What I loved the most about a villain like Chisaki is that for everything we came to understand about him, there was nothing sympathetic about his goals. When you have a superhero story like My Hero Academia, there is always the fear in what things they might indulge in from American superhero stories. One of the biggest problems in American comics is that they want you to connect with the villain and see reason for the things they do. We got our reveal for what drives Chisaki, but for everything we discovered, the more you rooted for Midoriya to give him the one-two.

While on the topic of characters fleshed out, I commend them on the approach towards making us care about Eri. Normally, a character like her would be problematic. Too much about character like hers involvement would be too much of an obstacle rather than adding to something genuine. Fortunately, she got her chance to speak and every word was made to count when it came to addressing what she needed to do in order to allow the heroes to be heroes.

Now the highlight of the episode was obviously Midoriya actually hitting that infinite 100%. Maybe this didn’t happen the way some of us pictured it, but nonetheless he hit it! I actually have to give credit where it is due that they took such a clever route towards Midoriya bypassing the usual consequences in pushing to those limits. The build-up was perfect as well for the fact that you were fearing the worst along with him. This was the worst time to get into a fight where he would get himself hurt by his own power. So it was a thrill when he hit that All-Might level and created a new experience for someone who uses both their hands and feet to give someone the business. I’m not going o lie, there was even a point where I was getting some One-Punch Man flashes, and that wasn’t even a problem. I think we were all waiting for this one point where Midoriya could actually look someone in the face and put the fear into them.

Lastly, the music they put on to Midoriya’s big moment? That was a beautiful touch! Normally when it comes to big moments of heroics like this? Most anime series will try to push for something a bit more up tempo to match the intensity of the action. However, I found it refreshing that there was more effort towards capturing the heart of this main character. For as much as we want to see Midoriya simply kick ass, it never gets old having that one hero like himself who never fails to embody what it means to be a hero. For this choice the atmosphere was both uplifting and hopeful in spite of what was at stake.

Overall, My Hero Academia “Infinite 100%” was everything you were patient for and so much more! This episode delivered, and hopefully will keep us all talking until the action picks up next week. Never has it stung so much to have to wait another week for more.

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