Crisis on Infinite Earths: Finale Review

***Spoilers Below***

It pains me to agree with some of the more negative statements made about the crossover since I was trying to be hopeful about the way that this story would conclude, but it is hard to deny how problematic it was that The CW decided to allow this gap between part three and the final two parts of Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. It was a bumpy road as is getting through those first three parts, and then you had to wait a whole month to see how it all wraps up. In a world where you have shows like The Mandalorian, The Witcher, and even Watchmen airing around the same time and between? You don’t want to make people wait, and that is what they did here. By the time this night came, I was more looking forward to what would come after as this was going to effect the other shows upon their returns.

That said, I wish that there was more that I could say that I liked about what we have gotten so far from the crossover event, but this time around it just didn’t pay off for them to go big. If anything they have taken on just a bit more than they could handle. Someone in the backroom should have suggested maybe two-hour episodes for each part to really get into everything that should have been seen on-screen. Heck, they could have simply knocked it all out in one week and called it a day.

When it came to Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Four? I hate to say that this part turned out weak, and that is part of the problem that comes with having to wait these weeks just to get the rest of the story. We jump back into the crossover event, and while time-skips are cool, there was nothing exciting to come from it. There was no significance to the time spent on them sulking, or value added to them being paragons. This big confrontation with the Anti-Monitor left a lot to be desired because this is not what comes to mind when you think of superheroes banding together to take down the big villain. What we got was a rehash of the very first fight, and all that was was punching, kicking, and blasting wraiths. What kind of threat is that? Whoever choreographed the action scenes could have done so much better. They played it safe, and the unfortunate part is that we got better action scenes in REGULAR episodes of these shows. Sure, these wraith did kill Oliver, but that didn’t even happen on-screen! They knock you around, big whoop! They could have done so much better and didn’t even get it right when it came to the part which the new Spectre played in this. It was stiff and cut poorly.

Actually let me get back to this paragon thing. That was probably the biggest letdown considering nothing mattered about being a paragon till the very end. And for what? To only have to believe in what they represent? Nothing is more frustration than spending so much time on something which gets you nowhere. So much time could have been better spent fleshing out other areas of the story that they rushed through.

Now things did turn around in Part Five, though only because this final hour was full of exploration, new situations these heroes have never been in, new interactions with characters they wouldn’t interact with under different circumstances, not to mention it was entertaining. Some will always complain when there is humor for how it undercuts what they believe to be serious, but superhero stories at their core should always strive to entertain.

The last-minute danger they threw in towards the end was a bit melodramatic, though how they handled this was a big step up from Part Four. That’s not to say that the heavy use of CGI didn’t hurt things a bit, though it honestly could have been much worse. This was that time where we could begin seeing where the structure of the hero world is shifting with the exit of Green Arrow. Different heroes began to fill the void he left, and it was comforting knowing that we could get heroes who weren’t so dry in personality like Oliver. I enjoyed seeing heroes like Sara step up and show what it looks like when you know the people around you and where to put them to take advantage of what everyone is capable of.

Part Five also did succeed in creating excitement for what comes next in some of the other shows. Let’s take Supergirl for example. Everything about her world changed in a big way. And I support a lot of the changes because it should be a positive departure from storylines that weren’t getting anywhere good.

Aside from this, the Anti-Monitor could have been a better villain. For everything that was building up to his big entrance, he was far from anything too memorable about the crossover. If you know me, then you know that I’m not one to put much stock in getting to know the villain too intimately. However, by the end o the crossover, it felt like the Anti-Monitor wasn’t even the worst danger. If we’re being honest, then these heroes were their own worst enemies. That in itself is an issue which becomes two by the end of it all.

What personally disappointed me about this crossover was how this event focused on so many heroes, and yet Black Lightning felt more like a guest appearance. The only big time hero involved with his own show and they couldn’t even take ten seconds to SHOW how his world is now one with the rest of the heroes? We really have to wait till the next episode of his own show to find that out? If there’s any redemption, I could can only give them props for the last-minute acknowledgment of his importance as a hero who can be called on when the world is in danger.

If you’re like me, then you were waiting for the next two parts to astonish in order to make up for everything that didn’t really meet expectations. Unfortunately, the Crisis on Infinite Earths finale only got good towards the end. Its pretty much as I had told most people leading up to the airing of the episode. This is going to be one of those events where what you care for most will be what this sets up rather than what happens during.

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