Review: Go Go Power Rangers #27

As I said before, I was never too certain with how I was going to feel about this direction the Power Rangers story was taking, but everything up to this point has made me more invested than ever before in what this is turning into. Normally, I would also find it very troubling when a book is juggling so many storylines at once, yet all of this we’re getting right here is pure excitement! So much can go right, and at the same time so much can go wrong.

With Go Go Power Rangers #27, we jumped right into what comes next for Tommy Oliver as he risks everything to keep Zedd from taking the power of the White Light. This was a great scene which surprisingly wrapped up faster than I thought transitioning into this chapter. Not a problem of course because we through to what this real was pretty fast. I think we all could have guessed what was happening, though the execution was handled well enough that this was far from an issue. Overall, I appreciated this whole journey to acquire the White Ranger power. It was just as engaging and enlightening as when we followed Rita to where she hid the Green Power Coin all of those years.

Getting back to the Rangers, the action didn’t let up as they had their own monster to deal with in the meantime. I was pretty taken back by how we got back into that scene, and how it concluded. Not very often will you see the Rangers struck with a challenge like the one they were met with, but it was also refreshing. There is no thrill from a story like this if there aren’t moments where the Rangers can feel overwhelmed.

Then of course you have Trini and Zack who were supposed to meet the one person who can make them Omega Rangers in this issue. At first, I was definitely troubled when it had to be these two who stumbled upon Jason and the Blue Emissary. Compared to the other two, Trini and Zack have this attitude about them that creates more tension than necessary at times. However, it was hard to deny them of the seriousness that comes with being the ones who ask the hard questions and hit you with the tough love. By the end, I felt much more comfortable with where they fit into this. Everything simply comes down to putting everyone on the same page. Plus, it only makes sense that Jason not be the only Ranger pulled away from the others.

With the conclusion of the issue, there’s some big changes that we are going adjust to. Pretty fast that this is happening too. I mean, It feels like only yesterday they got these new Zords and costumes. I’m just glad that these changes only add to the investment we should have in what comes next. New team dynamics, leadership, and problems to come with it all.

The art team of Francesco Mortarino and Raul Angulo continue to just knock it out of the park in this story arc. I was blown away by what they produced in the issue before, and that feeling did not change by the end of this next issue. In fact. that feeling of amazement only intensified. They did not skip a beat capturing the high-octane action that these Rangers have been thrust into. They nailed everything between the detail in their rendering, the way the colors popped, and capturing everything exciting about seeing the White Ranger and Zord back in action! The only thing I felt I had to get used to was seeing Tommy with that ponytail. We all knew it was coming, but it was hard to prepare yourself for that hairstyle making a return.

All in all, Go Go Power Rangers #27 was awesome from start to finish. This is a book that leaves you asking, “Why can’t the show or new movie be like this?”.

Go Go Power Rangers #27




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