Review: Undiscovered Country #3

Undiscovered Country is a book that really shocked me for how the way it attracts you to the unknown that is what the USA has turned into, and what horrors now lie within. As each issue passes, we are definitely walking away with more questions than answers, yet at the same time it is hard to argue with the appeal that comes from the way this keeps you at the edge of your seat bracing for what comes next. Just about anything could go right or wrong when journeying into the lion’s den.

The transition into this issue was great for the fact that it took no time at all to slip back into that sense of terror for a lot that could go wrong right now. When you think of a group that could survive together, this is not the picture which comes to mind. Especially when not everyone can be on the same page about what needs to be done in order to acquire the key to their escape from the belly of the beast.

What I’m currently appreciating most about the story progression in these early issues is the time that this creative team has put into balancing out the progression of the story while also finding the time to dive into purpose of everyone who is a part of this team exploring the new country. This time around more time was spent towards fleshing out the character that is Ace. This was a character who interested me more than most for the fact that he is the youngest, and this isn’t one of those situations where you want to be the youngest dealing with a bunch of adults who all think they know best. He had to have something to really offer in their pursuit of escape from the Destiny Man’s territory, and they did not disappointing explaining what that is.

I actually connected with this character more than most because it makes a big difference having that one person who seems to have everything figured out more than the rest. The others are simply running on what they know best, and what they think is the best way to handle a situation such as what they have been thrown into. Ace on the other hand is someone brought onto the team because theories and facts are more powerful than anything else offered so far. I was surprised that by the end of the issue we knew almost everything about what got him from point A to B, but also grateful since his story is one that you wouldn’t want to be left having more questions than answers over.

At the same time I enjoyed that their success or certain doom hinged on what Ace knows about the new landsÂ… versus what he doesn’t. From the minute he was properly introduced to us as someone who knows the history of what the country used to be, instantly there were many red flags raised about what could go wrong only knowing what used to be. I mean, wouldn’t it be more valuable to know what the state of the country is now? The new history unraveling?

The best takeaway from this issue turned out to be the way certain theories are hard to ignore about what led to the country we are seeing which formed. Big shocker, and I commend this creative team for the boldness to hit us with it in the third issue.

Compared to the issues before, this one was a bit more character focused which led to this art team putting most of their effort towards creating visual engagement or this group of survivors. It impressed me seeing how they could further render this world and the way that these characters interact with it. It helps when you have a set of penciler and inker who leave no stone unturned. This goes double with the characters themselves, even if there are some points in the story where you wished some of the expressions were a bit more relaxed. That said, we didn’t get too far in this place of the Destiny Man’s, but we got far enough that we could experience an actual system. They wasted no panel capturing the different ways they dress, their methods of marketing, and so forth. Speaking of detail and renderings, credit goes to Wilson who astonishes for his ability to really make use of a pallet without ever resorting to overuse a shade of color with overlays. This made a big difference with that market scene in particular with so many objects which were foreign to these characters.

Just when you think you have things somewhat figured out, boom! Nothing is as it seems, or is it? I don’t know! The conclusion of Undiscovered Country #3 marks that point where you know you’re along for the ride or not. To me, I think this creative team succeeded in giving us a reason to come back for more because this is a brilliant story woven. Right now these characters are screwed, though what matters more than anything else is how much worse things can get before they get better.

Undiscovered Country #3




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