Review: Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7

Gotta hand it to this creative team. I expected a lot of things from this book, but nothing like what we are experiencing right now. Not that I’m arguing either when we have never been able to explore the realm of death quite like this in the Marvel Universe. It’s refreshing, terrifying, yet also enlightening for everything that we are seeing from the perspective of a Valkyrie. When you get an opportunity like this? It really makes you wonder what everyone was thinking all these years that the prior Valkyrie never got to be fully fleshed out to this extent.

As I said the last month. This new arc has a lot to offer in the form of new situations, new problems, an awesome new team-up, not to mention a new destination. For this issue in particular, what I loved about this new arc is the way we have been introduced to the world of superhero medics too. I’m not going to lie, I initially had my reservations about these characters because not many of them I was too familiar with. I knew of them, but they are characters you don’t see much of. This issue gave me a reason to care about a lot of them in the context of life and death. It’s always nice to see where these heroes draw the line between their occupation and being a doctor, and also where they walk the line in situations like this. The conversation was engaging and it even helped seeing how beliefs influence the way you process death.

Still I’m also glad that my initial assumption of this story being tame was proven as well. From the minute this story kicked off, you are at the edge of your seat because just about anything can go wrong on this mission. I mean, we already saw the death balls looming over some of the doctors already, and we already know that this is the kind of writer who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on a character you like. It doesn’t help that at the same time this is a realm designed to kill anyone who doesn’t belong.

With that said, I couldn’t help but be impressed by the kind of challenges these doctors would end up facing. For the most part they each really proved what made them pretty awesome, while some of the others proved how there are even limits to what a doctor can handle. It was no surprise that we would find out who on Jane’s surgical team had forgotten their Hippocratic Oath, but it was all about the execution of that moment, and it couldn’t have hit any better. At the end of the day, not once did this creative team let up on the importance of understanding the role which death plays in life. Surely we all thought that this was going to be a book where you looked forward to a lot of the action, but it didn’t hurt one bit to be in a position where the words really made you think.

Seeing how this issue was more about the journey and the destination, the focus was a bit different for the art team. Different for the fact that they would be focusing more on the characters themselves, but not in a way which takes away from everything else you love about this book visually. Like the issues before, I loved the panels where we were seeing the world through Valkyrie’s true sight. It’s such a unique rendering this art team puts the world through. You see one thing a different way, and on top of that you have the red-ish hue which washes over since her eyes glow red in the process. It also helps that even the panel layout is shaken up to match this unique display. In general, what you love most is the creativity that went into turning the home of Death into the personification of disease. The colors in particular used to make that pop were brilliant because that green used specifically is one that not many nail like this. Aside from that, the textures, gradients, glows, and overall boldness of the colors made all of this lively.

Already I can see Valkyrie: Jane Foster being one of the top books to hit shelves for Marvel. This is the kind of book you can appreciate when it takes a character you see one way, and reinvent the way you see that character. Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7 not only continued to accomplish that, but took that step further to explore a corner of the Marvel Universe that not many creatives are bold enough to journey into.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #7




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