The Magicians Season Five Premiere “Do Something Crazy” Review

If you’re a real fan, you’ll still be there when this journey back into the world of magic begins again. I get it, losing Quentin was hard to get over. It was even hard for me as well. Though only because he was such an impactful character to the story and so much of my investment was in taking this journey with him and growing with him. When you let the opportunity he created for everyone else sink in? Being the hero you knew he could always be? It was easy to look forward to what next for the rest of this cast. Especially when it came to those who still had to find a way to keep their own stories moving.

With that said, once more as we jump into this world of magic, big changes slap you right in the face. We started off in a world where it was dangerous to have power, where there was no power, where the Library owned the power, and now there’s simply too much of it in the air. At this point, can we really call it saving the world? This is a drastic change for the world of The Magicians, yet also one that shakes things up in the best of ways. Any one of these Magicians now has the right amount of magic to cast anything they want. The only problem now is that there is a more apparent consequence to having all of that magic at the tip of your fingertips. Personally this is a concept of magic that I love being pushed to the limit. It’s not as if consequences hasn’t been a thing, but now there is a real sense of fear towards casting even the smallest spell. That’s not going to stop anyone from casting, so now is the best time to jump into the chaos which can be unleashed when not enough are looking for a solution.

Moving on to our main group of magicians, a good majority of this episode was spent well in addressing where they are all at given a month after the events of the fourth season. Some found a way to keep going, others got lost in doing so, while some others have hit a wall. Lets start with the biggest surprise of them all, that being Penny 23. He stood out automatically since there wasn’t much fallout from the way things ended last season. This isn’t really his world, so all that matters to him is as usual, Julia. As much as I enjoy our Penny, it is hard to deny how refreshing it can be to follow this other version of him who is pushed outside of his comfort zone to interact with others. This is the last person you would ever expect to teach, and yet here he is tackling a job that only he can accomplish. It was fun to see him stumble because responsibility doesn’t really suit him unless he really accepts it.

THE MAGICIANS — “Do Something Crazy” Episode 501 — Pictured: Arjun Gupta as Penny Adiyodi — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

The other two I was very interested in catching up with is Margo and Eliot. Their situation was unique. Back in Fillory, though at a point where this world is at its least familiar to the pair. While this is a time where you want to see the two of them try to take back their Kingdom, it was just as important to address the elephant in the room. Eliot has lost both Fen and Quentin. Margo has lost Josh. It was quite the line they drew in the sand between the way that the both of them coped with this. Of course for Margo she would be upfront about the way she felt. I actually admired this from her more than the others. Everything about what she expressed was real and she put those emotions into everything she did to attempt fixing their situation. As for Eliot, it was hard to argue with the sense of regression he experienced. Going back to that guy who didn’t know how to express himself at all. Preferring a cold exterior to showing that there was a person underneath the charade he was pulling. Beyond this, it was entertaining to explore places in Fillory that we wouldn’t have gone to under different circumstances. Just when you think you’ve seen everything, they prove that there is much more to see.

I enjoyed following where Julia went next after getting her magic back. This could have been another point where she moved around aimlessly, but here she is actually moving towards a purpose. The direction she took was quite commendable for the fact that there isn’t many from this cast who really try to step up to take on some responsibility. It was entertaining how for her this would at the same time be easier said than done. As some of us had already seen from the Comic-Con clip, after everything she has done, even a questing beast still comes looking for someone like Q before her. In this world, opportunity tends to come for you. So the challenge is in finding that push to forge a quest of your own. This storyline for Julia works considering she is that one character who more than most is self-made. It only makes sense that she would have a mind of her own to see something wrong, legitimately wrong, and actually set out to attempt fixing it.

THE MAGICIANS — “Do Something Crazy” Episode 501 — Pictured: Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Speaking of self-made individuals, I had no arguments with what came next for Kady. With the lengths she went to in order to protect the Hedges from the Library, there was no better person to step up and try to lead them. This called for big changes from Kady that I’m glad she didn’t experience without some hurdles. Among the many roles you can take up in this world, leading Hedges is up there in difficulty. Especially when you’re someone who is trying to keep it together. I appreciated that Pete was still with her too. He’s a fun character when being that guy who is either too uptight, or too relaxed about the things they needed to do in order to do for the sake of their own people.

Now when it came to Alice, it was definitely depressing seeing her once again trying to pick up the pieces again. Just when you think that she is getting better, boom, knocked all the way back down. This time because she lost the one person she loved. This time around they also handled her devastation very well. In most cases it will drain you the way it did her. It helped in her case that there was someone who was trying to be there for her. To tell her exactly what to do in order to begin healing. “Do Something Crazy” is a risky choice of words for Alice, but when it comes to Alice? I think we all want to see where this goes.

The Magicians season five premiere “Do Something Crazy” was yet another strong entry back into this universe of fantasy and madness. They set the foundation for what these magicians will inevitably have to save this world from, and set them all on the right path towards moving forward from the loss of Quentin. I believe they made the right statement that the story does not just end with one person. This is a world we invested in, not just one person.

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