DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “L.O.D.R.S.V.P.” Review

Who would have thought that in one week Harley would go from finding out where she draws the line as a villain, to getting her invitation to the villains club that she believes will legitimize her efforts up to this point? DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is simply a bag full of surprises, and that is what we love in our animated series.

Compared to most episodes of Harley Quinn, this one actually turned out to be the most tame. That was something to get used to when most of the time we are treated to something that is quite over the top. They had their heist, and they somehow ended up dealing with a monster along the way, but nothing about either of those things were as crazy as you were probably bracing for. Now, some might look at this as a negative. Though honestly? It’s not too much of a problem when with most shows you should actually expect that you will have one week that is used as a breather, before jumping back into the madness. That doesn’t make this the best episode of the first season, but it also doesn’t make it the most exciting either. At best, it was just solid, and that was satisfying enough for what we got out of it.

Things got interesting this time around when Harley finally gets an invite to the Legion of Doom’s prospective members party. Before jumping into this episode, I think we all knew that this was either going to be a moment capturing everything Harley worked for, or this was going to be a trainwreck in motion. The good thing was that we got a bit of both. Even if the good times weren’t going to last, this didn’t take away from the entertainment that was Harley seeing how the big villains lived it up. Seeing this from the perspective of the others was humorous as well. As villains who aren’t at the top, this is a huge change in atmosphere. What made the biggest difference was exploring the Legion’s headquarters which showcased a lot of things you wouldn’t assume villains indulged in.

Lex Luthor hosting the Legion of Doom’s prospective members party was a nice change of pace than if Joker was the one pulling the strings. There was order, there was a plan in place, and there was actual conversation to be had rather than childish ramblings. Everything about this Luthor was great, and I’m glad that they did not make him too much of a caricature of himself.

What took me by surprise this week just so happened to be the part Poison Ivy played in this. This was probably the best thing this episode had going for it because we were seeing some actual pay-off from the main storyline. Again, for everything that seemed to be going Harley’s way, all of this just had to be too good to be true. When you’re Ivy in a show like this? You are going to be that person who sees that more than anyone else. Unfortunately, this involves Ivy being pushed to that point where she has to really dig her claws in this friend of hers who is still trying to figure out what is most important to her. The build-up to that moment was handled very well. It was a slow crawl, though worth it for reality check that is how hard it was always going to be helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped.

The involvement of Aquaman throughout this episode was definitely bold. At this point in time Aquaman isn’t really the same hero you would make fun of as you would in the past. So it was bold reverting back to this version of him who you can’t take seriously. This didn’t mean that he wasn’t a force to be reckoned with, because he was, but they sparred no joke that didn’t hit right where it hurt the most for someone who talks to fish.

Aside from this, there was one subplot which somehow hits you out of nowhere. Its understood that you wouldn’t want to leave anyone out, but what Psycho and Sy got themselves into on their own? It was hard to put into words how this made me feel. On one hand you get to know Sy a lot better, though on the other hand, he’s still not the most memorable character in the cast. At the very least it was Psycho’s reactions to everything now discovered about Sy which kept things lively. Especially since the position he was put into allowed him room to show off another power which continues to make him the most useful in the crew.

As a whole, this wasn’t the most trilling episode compared to the others before, though Harley Quinn “L.O.D.R.S.V.P.” still managed to be enjoyable by the end. They chose story over everything else, and that’s not a bad call when getting close to the end of the season. We’ve now pushed into that part of the story where Harley is faced with being real with herself. How far will she go to become her own person? The answer to that should be worth anticipating what comes next week.

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