My Hero Academia “Bright Future” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about My Hero Academia episode 77, or in other words “Bright Future”. “Infinite 100%” last week was everything you were patient for and so much more! This episode delivered, this episode got all of us talking until the action picked back up next week. Everything about this arc was a breath of fresh air. Up to this point we were seeing too much of Midoriya tearing himself apart just to play hero. This was our chance to see the kid hit 100% without the drawbacks, and it didn’t matter if he needed to hit a combination with someone else’s quirk to accomplish this. Never did it sting so much to have to wait another week for more, but here we are prepared to see how Midoriya twists his future to save this one girl who defines everything that he is striving for as a hero.

Jumping back into the action, it took me by surprise as to how fast things wrapped up. If you’re like me and watch the anime primarily, then you were probably bracing yourself for just a bit more. Not a problem of course. It’s just that for someone like me, you definitely would have wanted to see them milk this fight out for what it is worth. This is the best that the animation has been all season. And this is not taking away from anything involving the fights from Red Riot, Fat Gum, Sun Eater, Dragon Lady, Ochaco, or Tsu because the animation for those scenes were outstanding! So as I said, not a problem. As much as we all love the action scenes, My Hero Academia captures our hearts for the substance before everything else. It mattered being in the moment and seeing Midoriya take down the villain. So with that said, it wasn’t hard to believe that a good portion of this episode would focus on everything that comes after the fighting is done. This is the part I particularly appreciate about the series because it makes a big difference to see the heroes survey the damage, look after those who are hurt, and take a moment to let it all sink in. You know, since these are actual people and kids involved.

Now the big thing of course had to be the reason why this episode was called “Bright Future”. The answer to that was endearing. As with all events like this, there has to be some sort of loss to take in. And while the heroes took their L, that was not without some light at the end of the tunnel. This confrontation with Chisaki opened the doors for much more storytelling between All Might tackling this looming threat that is expected to take advantage of him in his weakened state, the fate of Mirio as an upcoming hero who now is without his quirk, and everything else that we now know is not written in stone. More importantly, this episode focused on what a bright future looks like when you don’t allow what’s predetermined to dictate everything to follow. Midoriya twisted his fate, so who’s to say no one else can?

That said, this wouldn’t be the end of an arc if they did not focus on the villain storyline. The big takeaway was seeing Shigaraki take the next big step toward his goals. I was impressed with how these villains who barely know how to scrape a proper plan together perfectly took advantage of something that seemed way out of their control at the start. It was odd rooting for the villain in that moment, but at the same time it was hard to argue with the execution of what a real power struggle looks like. While there is currently barely any buzz about the #1 spot in the hero community, this is what comes from the villains clashing to fill that same void. We get it, Endeavor is #1 and no one is happy about it, but at some point we are going to have to see what the world looks like when Endeavor is the big guy on top. Till then, this is the next best thing and worth the investment so far.

Overall, even if I wanted more and this was them easing into the conclusion, it was an excellent conclusion at that. You couldn’t have asked for more than we got out of this episode. It was endearing, it was heartbreaking, though above all it was hopeful. And that is always something you never take for granted in your superhero stories.

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