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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Triage #5. In other words, the finale! This guy was pretty crushed at the realization that this was the last issue of this book. It felt like yesterday that we were just jumping into the chaos of this story and getting to know these characters who are different sides of the same coin. Triage is a book which in a short amount of time succeeds in breaking the mold to breathe life into a multiverse of its own. As I said before, the best way to figure yourself out is to look at your reflection.

With this being the last issue, there was a lot hanging on the pacing that would have to take this last stretch of the story from the set-up, confrontation, to conclusion. From the start of Triage #5 the pacing picked up quickly, which is exactly what we needed to see early on. Especially when there was so little time left to put that one plan together that would get this trio through their next encounter with the Hunter who is approaching. How Sevy tackled this part of the story was interesting for the fact that he finally gave Evie her time in the spotlight to begin showing what she brings to the table. The biggest question when it came to this book was asking yourself what it would take for the nurse to prove that she could be every bit of a hero as the others. This could have happened a lot of ways, but I appreciated that the opportunity was taken to capture what makes a nurse special. A person who sees all these pieces and finds that one way to make them work in concert.

When the big plan kicked off, momentum carried this scene through as Sevy hit the ground running with it. As I initially read through this plan of theirs, I remember having some reservations about this playing out too predictable, and fortunately I couldn’t have been more wrong there. From the very start of the first thing they needed to do? Boom, it was anything goes when one misstep added an extra variable that neither of them prepared for.

Even where this was Evie’s time to shine, the others found their high points too. While each issue seemed to focus on one character more than the others, I was glad that in this finale Sevy found a way to balance out all three, including Tab. This was a period where none of them could fall any lower than they already were, so there was nowhere to go but up. As someone who enjoyed Orbit more than most, it was awesome that when it came to the big stuff, she got her superhero treatment which matters considering what we know about the kind of hero she is versus the kind that she wishes she actually was.

That said, the reveal of the Hunter was a good one. I had my thoughts on who it could be based on the previous encounters up to this point, but I welcomed seeing something that was a bit more creative. Of course there will be questions about the purpose of the Hunter, where it comes from, and who sent it. That would probably be the only thing which keeps this from being a perfect end.

Now what caught me off guard was the way that this story wrapped up. It was definitely heartwarming, which you expected for the most part. Though what you did not prepare for was the way that this group of heroes would move forward with their lives. Again this was one part where just about anything could have been done, and I have to say that Sevy chose an end which was refreshing. Didn’t play it safe either. That is something you never take for granted. Particularly when the end seems to at the same time be left to your imagination. That is the kind of end I can roll with for the fact that the strongest appeal for any sci-fi story will be the way that the story gets you thinking.

If there is one thing I couldn’t commend Philip Sevy for more when it came to Triage? It had to be the fact that this guy took on the cover art, the story, and the interior work. That is an impressive accomplishment if you ask me because he is an artist who gives you full renderings and all of it being quality work. I don’t think there was ever one page where I felt like he dialed back on the detail from his pencils, or depth from his colors. In fact he actually did a lot more with the colors for this issue. This made a big difference when many effects he applied put you into the action. What I loved the most about the interior work this issue just so happened to be the way that Sevy really looked like he had fun with the layout design of every page, panel, and scene. How he flipped things sideways, created splash pages, overlapped, and played with border shapes kept every flip of the page refreshing.

The finale of this exhilarating miniseries arrived, and far from disappointed too! Triage #5 rewarded us all for the investment we put into these characters, their worlds, and their concepts of science. Not to mention this story which engaged us from start to finish whether it was through these characters, or the brutal action scenes.

Triage #5




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