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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Marauders #6! Right now this is the kind of craziness we have come to expect from this book. New problems, new destinations, new enemies along with the old. Marauders is equally exciting for the balance struck in addressing the problems mutants still face in places where mutant freedom isn’t respected, and the adventures in making sure the business of Krakoa goes undisturbed from port to port.

Marauders #6 from the jump throws you right back into the fire, quite literally in fact. If even for a second you forgot what this band of mutants got themselves into previously, you soon enough remembered as they took on this fight on two fronts. Even if we knew how this battle was going to end, that didn’t stop this action scene from knocking you at the edge of your seating knowing that in this new world there is no easy fight with enemies of mutantkind. Especially when enemies old and new are not without their weapons which conveniently give them an edge over even the most powerful of the X-Men. As with most scenes like this, it was fun to see what Kate brought to the table. She’s good at what she does, and she jumps into every confrontation with confidence and a burst of wit. The kind that even gives Bobby a run for his money.

As that action came and went, there was another half of the issue to prepare for, because nothing is ever as easy as it seems on the surface. Now as they said, someone does die. Unfortunately you already know who it is before it happens. Fortunately this still was a big deal. For as much as we don’t know about a certain mutant’s situation with the island, this creates the perfect opportunity to address the why. There has to be a limitation to the gateways and resurrection protocols. The issue or issues to come should hopefully give us our answer.

Aside from that? It was good that the rising tension with Shaw finally went somewhere by the end of this issue too. It would have been problematic if this dragged on too long, and we knew obviously that if there was going to be someone who become an obstacle, it had to be a wildcard like Shaw. Probably didn’t help that Emma took more shots than she should have to keep him down.

With this being the sixth issue, this was a great time to really get into the role of this Homines Verendi. We knew these kids as the Hellfire Club at one point, but considering the name has already been taken back and modified, it makes sense that they would become something of their own creation. Initially I was concerned about them still seeming to be at their old games. I mean, isn’t it beneath kids like them to care that much about mutants? It helped that through the events of this issue we were able to see that they were simply yet another hungry party who wanted a piece of the financial powerhouse that the mutants have become. How they went about this was clever too. Right now it is fun to see how just about everyone is adjusting to this new world, the rules, and the game that they have to now play to stay top players.

Again the interior work from this art team was amazing, and at a point in the story where it mattered more now than it ever did before. Compared to the issues previous, there was a lot more going on within these pages too. That much also made their efforts that much more commendable when both the color work and pencils were on point. Now I was actually surprised here because there is more hands on deck than usual. Normally this would be an issue to me, but the good thing is that it was barely noticeable switching from one style into the next. You could see where there is some distinction because there will be some scenes where the pencils are clean, and theĀ  others where there is more of a rough touch. The good thing is that at the end of the day there was strength to the pallet both colorists used which kept things uniform. Beyond this, it was great that all around this was visually engaging between the characters, their actions, and reactions. Especially when that one unfortunate scene came.

An issue like Marauders #6 was well worth the wait. This was a roller coaster from start to finish where we have been hit with yet another book which challenges you to expect the unexpected with this Dawn of X. This was a death that was probably going to come inevitably, though the execution was on point. The nation of Krakoa is a dominant force, but that does not come without enemies stepping up their game, and enemies who will always exist within.

Marauders #6




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