Legacies “This Is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Legacies! You know, because this guy actually somehow forgot that there was a new episode last week. Regardless, got myself caught up and loved the direction that the season is now taking after the return. When the portal was initially closed, it was anyone’s guess as to what danger these supernaturals would now face. However, last week’s episode wasted little time addressing the new danger and what kind of trouble this will bring everyone.

With that said, it wasn’t until this week that we would actually see what kind of trouble that would take form as. We knew the newly risen Necromancer unleashed his first monster upon the school to steal the hourglass, but apparently that was only one part of the danger that these students would face this time around.

Where the got bold this week was the kind of danger that this latest monster brought to their doorstep. If there’s one thing you always want to dodge with a show like this, it is the cliche CW drama. This episode was full of drama, though surprisingly not much that I would actually call the cliche. Somehow I actually appreciated the way this monster infiltrated the school and targeted through the spreading of discord and creating chaos among the covens. If there’s one thing it seems these characters have in common more than anything else, it is that they don’t know how to properly express themselves. This monster put everyone in that position where they for better or worse said the things they would have never said under different circumstances. This may have put some distance between some characters, but brought others together who needed a push to get their heads out of their hind parts.

Now as someone whose first experience of this world is through Legacies, this was one of those episodes that I really looked forward to. Mainly because there seemed to be a lot of things about the witches that didn’t come with a lot of clarity. For all the small groups we saw here or there, this was the first time that we got anything resembling what a real witch experience should look like. This was also the first time where we could see witches gathered around each other and know that it isn’t all just females. If you’re like me then it was always problematic to hear witches and not think they could only be one gender based on what is show to us, versus what is not.

The main appeal of the first half of the plot somehow actually ended up being the idea that these students were just as dangerous as the monsters. After what we saw from Alyssa Chang last week? That needed some explaining because it was hard to believe that a student could be that troublesome and not get the boot. Her story was sad. Not enough to make you care for her, but enough to make you realize that not everyone came into who they are through fortunate events.

As for the other half of the plot, things got interesting there as Alaric, Lizzie and Josie searched for a solution that keeps Josie protected from the dark magic brewing inside the mora miserium. It was a nice change of pace for this family that they had a problem to deal with that could be fixed. It was convenient where they found their solution to containing the dark magic, but worked perfectly nonetheless with the theme of fellowship. Ultimately where this led their family was intense since this dropped a bomb on our laps about yet another secret Alaric has kept. One which is now backfiring, again.

It was also bold how they decided to focus on this one student who didn’t seem to fit in with the others. It’s not very often that they will focus on a student outside of the main group like this. Let alone said character being “sexy”. That much I welcomed with open arms because what they focused on took us into new territory in the school. If there is one critique about the show I ever had, it was that there should never just be three classes of supernaturals. If this is a world where fantasy is reality, you can’t limit yourself to just werewolves, vampires, and witches. The furthest they pushed up to this point was Landon being the Phoenix. So it made a big difference that there could be another student who is something else entirely. This proves that they are able to step out of their comfort zone and do something new.

On a brighter note, this was a great week for Landon. He turned out to be the most entertaining of the bunch because he was the only one who was genuinely trying to better himself in some way. Taking up self-defense training was always going to be the next step for someone like him who wants to be more than just the punching bag for monsters. It was fun to see him tackle this while still being the guy who proves that the best weapon can also be having a good head on your shoulders. Even in the face of everyone being painfully blunt about your faults.

Legacies “This Is Why We Don’t Entrust Plans to Muppet Babies” was all the drama in this second week of the show’s return. It was brutal at the worst of times, and it was endearing at the best of times. Though one thing is for sure, and that is to expect the unexpected when enemies are apparently right around the corner.

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