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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Go Go Power Rangers #28! This guy was pretty broken with the announcement last week that soon this book would be coming to an end. Though, you know what? I can’t say I’m disappointed either. This book went on much longer than I thought it would considering how close it was to catching up with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The best you could ever ask for was seeing this book go as long as it has and reach and end without cancellation being the reason.

Now considering how close we are to reaching the end, I couldn’t argue with the time they decided to take to give us at least one more Rita-focused issue. Aside from everything else they managed to accomplish with this book that we never got from the show, one thing which stuck with me more than anything else was the depth given to Rita Repulsa. Over the course of the issues up to this point, we learned so much about her origins, and the very things which make her tick. Much more than we ever would have understood if we were only seeing Rita seconds at a time as she unleashed monsters from the moon.With that said, it was cool that this time around they went with a story which revealed what Rita’s experience was like while imprisoned in a dumpster on the moon.

There will no doubt be some readers out there who will quickly dismiss this with the clear understanding that ten thousand years imprisoned did nothing for her rehabilitation. However, knowing this eventuality doesn’t change the fact that you should want to know how someone like Rita fights against ten thousand years of confronting her sins through experiencing the lives of those she affected. Not only this, but these are lives she has affected prior to the Power Rangers series beginning. Who wouldn’t want that load of new content dropped on their laps?

My only disappointment was in the fact that we only get to go through one cycle of rehabilitation for Rita. When you hype up Rita experiencing the lives of so many she affected, it comes with the presumption that you will see more than that one life she managed to destroy through her merciless conquests. Where you could overlook this is the fact that this one life she experienced was both engaging and heartbreaking. It was engaging to step into that one person’s shoes, and then it was heartbreaking to see how much that person had to live for to have it all stripped away by one person’s greed for power.

It was welcomed as well that we could see the rehabilitation process for everyone else too. This is not to say that you would end up caring for them any more than you normally would, but it matters seeing what the experience is like for people who are nowhere near as evil as Rita. What we saw from them actually made a lot of sense of the way they act in the present.

If there was one thing I had my concerns about before flipping open to that first page? It was how this book would look like on the inside. After all, when you have an issue like this, you can almost always count on having a different art team tackling it. Which we did since for this story it was Eduardo Francisco who took over on pencils as Raul Angulo remained on colors. I would say that at the very least keeping the same colorist made a difference when you were really focusing on one area which made it seem like the interiors were done by someone else. With that said, Francisco didn’t do bad at all. He captured a lot of the essence of Rita in every reaction we got out of her, not to mention proved to be just as detailed and creative when it came to rendering a lot of the more alien elements of this universe. Beyond this, the lettering was on point too. There was a lot going on with the lettering which worked very well with so many familiar characters, new characters, and situations explored.

It’s not as if there isn’t a reason for everything that was ever lacking about Rita Repulsa as the main villain of this franchise, but this issue and numerous others before were welcomed for what they revealed to us about this evil empress who simply has no chill. To think that she could see so much of her own destruction that she caused and still find reason to continue on that evil path? If you had any doubt in your mind that Rita was evil through and through, Go Go Power Rangers #28 assured you that this is one villain who can’t be redeemed.

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