Review: Immortal Hulk #30

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Immortal Hulk #30! What’s worse than Hulks who may or may not be on your side? Easy, monsters bred to give them a run for their money while tearing cities apart at the same time! Just when you think you have braced yourself for the worst, boom! This creative team drops a bomb on your lap to show you how things could get so much worse in this war with Roxxon’s Minotaur.

What you have to love about this issue as a whole is that it played out like something from a horror movie. It was that classic situation of course where monsters are terrorizing the city, but it also had the addition of monsters fighting monsters. You got the monster perspective, yet you also got the human perspective too. Al Ewing covered all the bases with this chapter which made it an immersive experience from start to finish. Honestly, I was a bit surprised at how long it took Hulk and company to handle this situation. That in itself said a lot about the threat level which the Minotaur has now achieved.

How they handled these monsters, I gotta say I enjoyed for the fact that it wasn’t simply a smash and go scene. That would have been way too straightforward if that was the case. So the path better taken was seeing that each of these situations could be tackled with some finesse and planning. The involvement of Gamma Flight didn’t go unnoticed either. They may be more of an obstacle at the core, but you have to admire a team like them that is willing to jump headfirst into a Hulk battle.

With that said, it was heartbreaking to get where we have with Jackie in this story. We were really getting somewhere with the journey she has taken into the world of the Hulks. You know, having that one person who was seeing much more than what everyone else was only seeing on the surface. What happens in this chapter alone changes just about everything. Truthfully, it was hard to say where I stood with all that she and her coworkers endured. Though credit where it is due that even at times like this we aren’t allowed to forget that at the base of it all, this is horror. Meaning that at the end of the day, there really should be nothing that we hold on to as untouchable.

At the end, the twist thrown at us was excellent because it was in that moment that we were really seeing a game of chess at play. Credit where it is due that the Minotaur knows how to adjust to a war of monsters. Especially when it comes to the ace up his sleeve that he took his time using. This “original” Hulk should be a big point of interest for something that you would not naturally call one just based on appearance and powers alone.

Now what actually caught me off guard visually was finally realizing what was nagging at me about these monsters since they were first unleashed. Maybe it was the alien design to some of them, or maybe it was much of the blue-ish coloring to some of them, but quickly it hit me how some of these looked like they could have existed in the world of Pacific Rim. Now I should say that isn’t a bad thing either. All monsters look like they are from something you’ve seen before. The comparison here is actually more of a compliment because those of the kinds of monsters who carry intricate designs. The kind who not only have unique compositions on the outside, but a lot more going on in the inside as we have seen through many of the smaller monsters the Hulk took on within his opponent. Again, this right here is why I’m glad that any worries we had about Bennett taking off from this book were laid to rest fast. Who knows if we could have enjoyed this book the same way visually if this was seen in another light, or should I say dark light? Either way, if we are talking about light, then we should also address the colors from Paul Mounts which blows you away for the fact that the horror movie vibes would not be there if it wasn’t for his specific pallet. This book would not be the same either if you did not have a colorist like him who could go to that dark place and give you every gory and brutal detail in color.

Simply astounding is this chapter of Immortal Hulk. This creative team went above and beyond to give us what war with the Hulks looks like. Taking on the world like this changed the game drastically. Public opinion matters, saving “people” matters, there being a city left standing when all is said and done matters. The only one who wins is the one who is not blamed for all of this destruction in the end.

Immortal Hulk #30




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