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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League Dark #19! Or in other words, the conclusion to the Witching War. The story which has been issues in the making. If you told me issues before that this was all going to lead back to Circe and her hunger for power? I may not have believed you because seeing is believing when hit with a situation of this magnitude. Especially when this is one which has pushed Wonder Woman herself to make her most daring deal to get back into the fight.

As we jumped back into the action, the chill quickly sets in as this really did look like a hopeless situation. Then Justice League Dark is a powerful team, and yet here they were picked off one by one and cornered. Even if you were prepared for Wonder Woman to spring back into action with a new power upgrade, you still couldn’t have imagined how this would tip the balance of power in their favor. With all the opportunities these heroes have gotten up to this point to claim victory, never was it more important that they found that chance and have it come naturally. What this all came down to was boldness. As in what you were willing to give up or risk in other to save everything. Putting them in that position was excellent decision-making for the fact that magic comes with a cost, and so far this has not been the kind of story where nothing is definite. Even in victory, they dropped enough hints for what this story could set in motion down the road.

Now surely enough, there might be some out there who will feel as though this all wrapped up fast. I would say that to some extent it did. I definitely braced myself for a lot more action to unfold within these pages. However, you could not fault this creative team for looking for decisive moves, rather than what would keep things going. Everything about this Witching War has been like a game of chess. Cersi above all played that game very well even if here and there she fell victim to being that typical power-hungry villain who easily becomes consumed by her own strength.

The interview scene to follow all of this was an intriguing choice. A lot of things you could have expected for them to do showing what comes next and this was probably at the bottom of your list. I absolutely loved what they did with this part because the best thing about books like this is the way that they answer questions about the things which you don’t get to explore in the same capacity elsewhere. Unlike the other iterations of the Justice League Dark, this one has gone the extra mile to genuinely ask the hard-hitting questions about what magic is, and what it means to those who exist in this corner of the universe. The answers we got specifically in this issue were enlightening. Some things you would have said yourself, other things surprising, though much more very insightful to get from Wonder Woman particularly.

With most issues of Justice League Dark, I find myself blown away by what this art team produces within these pages. in the case of Justice League Dark #19, the feeling was still the same. Alvaro Martinez Bueno’s sense of perspective is one thing which impressed me the most about his pencils. Always detailed, but more importantly makes the art jump right out at you. This worked wonders as well when it came to the way he used the characters to both create the panels and a splash page. Overall, it was an excellent job of accomplishing so much with a lot that was going on within these scenes. Some will bite off more than they can chew and cut corners, but Bueno went for full renderings which is something to appreciate. That said, it also made a difference having an inker as well who could add to the strength of the objects with so much color and lighting that could have easily overwhelmed. Aside from this, the colors from Brad Anderson popped, they were flashy as you would expect with magic involved, and did not fail in setting an atmosphere for this final battle.

Like everything else this week, Justice League Dark found their conclusion to the influences of the Justice/Doom War. Also like some of the other books out there, credit where it is due that this creative team did not let this story slip away from them. Being tied in to an event never once took away from what made this story what it is. Many creators out there can take a page out of this team’s book, because this is how you make a story your own.

Justice League Dark #19




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