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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about New Mutants #6! Our return to space in the previous issue was worth the wait when the new experience that has been this adventure picked up in the most shocking of ways. For most of that issue it was exciting to see the New Mutants team doing what they do best, but it’s all fun and games till you’re blasted out of a ship into the vacuum of space!

With that said, I do feel like I may have spoken too soon when I said before that it is good to know that Hickman isn’t trying to make it too sporadic or frustrating having to wait x amount of time to know what happens next. Particularly since just as soon as this book took us back to the space adventure, now we are back on Earth to pick up with this simple visit to check in on old friends in the human world gone wrong. This is not to say that we aren’t anxious to see where this goes next, though one would have assumed that we would have gotten a couple of issues out of one part before jumping back to the next. For this issue at least you could overlook this considering we were all looking forward to what happens when Boom-Boom gets in on the action.

Boom-Boom’s involvement in this story was without a doubt the best thing to come out of it. Half of this team is not the kind to cross the line so easily, though Boom-Boom is. Well, her and the twins. This was a sensitive situation, which made it interesting to see how half were in the mindset of preservation, while the other half was trying a bit more to do unto the others what was done to them. Not a bad contrast because things could have gone either way depending on the success on each side.

As this story came to a close, I found myself fairly heartbroken. Not because it ended, but for the way it did. On one end the actual New Mutants story is fun and adventurous, and then you have this one which pulled no punches in showing us exactly what the world is like when everyone is looking for some way to exploit the financial success of the mutant nation of Krakoa. This could have simply been your average story where they beat the bad guys and show them what’s what. You know, because this is the mutant’s time! Unfortunately, this wasn’t going to be one of those times. And I can appreciate the restraint in showing us that kind of story. This one an many others only reinforce the idea that no one should get comfortable with paradise. It doesn’t equal peace or a world free from fear of the intolerant. This story proved the lengths that a human will go in order to adjust to this new world.

Also, as this story came to a close there was a stronger appreciation for the way that two different art teams have been used to handle both halves of the directions we have been pulled in. The style used for space is fitting, as well as the style used back on Earth here. Flaviano was an excellent choice as penciler for the way that he really takes his time drawing out these characters and settings. I remember being on the fence about his work beforehand, but it took no time at all to welcome what he had to offer like other pencilers. If it wasn’t for the great job he did of capturing most Krakoan elements, then it was the focus he put into detailing these characters, making the settings engaging, and creating a smooth transition of movements between character interactions and actions. As for the colors, it was also refreshing to have a book like this that really took us out into a natural setting that isn’t Krakoa. The colors were bold, they had range, and they popped at just the right time considering this is the chapter where it was expected that things get a bit explosive and messy. With that said, for as messy as things got, I’m glad that this is a colorist who knows how to use a true shade of red for blood. Not many will be willing to get that dark, as it should look.

Overall, by the end of New Mutants #6, it was hard to argue with the reason we got back to this story so soon. It was a story worth telling for the way that it gives the mutants closer to the ground a reality-check as to the world that is still cruel. Some things just don’t change, and it was a message well received.

New Mutants #6




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