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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #2! Not only is this one of the wildest incarnations of the Squad, this is also one of the boldest. This is not your average team when half is comprised of people you would have called heroes if the government didn’t classify them as terrorists. Most importantly this is not your average team when no longer is Task Force X run by Amanda Waller! What’s the deal with that?! If what we saw in the first issue was a taste of Lok’s leadership? We should all be bracing ourselves for what comes next.

From the start of this issue I felt myself a bit caught off guard. Normally there is an ease into the new team, mission, and dynamics. Here this creative team gave us no chance, and neither did they give this new incarnation of Task Force X. This Lok, was a whole different breed of monster from Waller and we learned that right away. Certain things about him instantly jumped out at you. His level of professionalism, his significantly lower tolerance for nonsense, even his sense of caution was something to take notice of. Waller is the kind of woman who would stand up to someone powerful and look them in the eye because she has that kind of confidence, but this guy right here doesn’t take that chance. You could call that cowardliness, though it is also being someone who walks in a room knowing the enemy as much as they may know him.

Being the second issue this was also a great time to dig into how both sides feel about one another. It was a natural progression that there was uneasiness shared between them. For some this was obviously going to be a problem because some killed the other. For others, they have simply been through this enough times that it matters knowing you can trust the person next to you fully. All you really knew at the end of this issue was that no matter which side you played for, this was a whole new game.

Their first mission made the biggest statement towards boldness. Toppling a sovereign nation? That is as crazy as it gets when so far there are so many unknown elements to this team to take into account before dishing out the heavy stuff.

What did excite off the bat happened to be knowing that not everything would be different in this new Suicide Squad. I mean, for as much new as we should expect from this book, there would of course be things that we should be able to look forward to which makes this book what it is. One of those things just so happens to be the idea that there is no such thing as a perfect mission. As we flipped to that first page, this creative team sent that message loud and clear as we started off at that point where things go wrong, and then work up to that point from before the mission began. Now where this creative team shakes things up? That would be the definition of things going wrong, because things were not as they seemed. I loved the twist thrown at us by the end since it answered what was meant by not surviving each other in a clever way.

Through the events of Suicide Squad #2 I found myself even more thrilled for the art team they put together for this book. From the flip of the first page they engage you in the story visually through the way that these scenes play out as if this was something episodic. I find it fun when you have those rectangle panels which focus on actions enough to make them look more intense than it actually is. The perspective taken from Redondo, and his lean towards close-ups helped a lot there too. At the same time I would credit Wes Abbott as well. The lettering pops, as should be when you are diving into an action story. He plays with a lot of sizes, fonts, and shapes which all carry distinguishing tones. With that said, the color choice from Adriano Lucas was such a difference maker in this chapter. For so many moments which sent chills down your spine, he knew just how to set the mood through his overlays and hues using mixes of red and blue. Aside from that, you simply find yourself in awe because he brings out so much depth through his pallet. The boldness in particular makes the art jump right out at you.

All in all, if the first issue didn’t get you? There is no doubt in my mind that this second issue will pull you in. Suicide Squad #2 reinforced everything that you love about this creative team being back in their element. This is a story that will keep you on your toes, make you gasp, and change everything you once knew about the way this team operates.

Suicide Squad #2




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