Review: The Terrifics #24

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #24! Not a fun time to be a Terrific right now. Dealing with chaos is one thing, but what this team is tackling is on a whole different level when saving the multiverse means taking control of time back from the most backwards being ever. For this week in particular I would definitely suggest picking up the newest issue of Justice League as well to better appreciate what has been unfolding through this tie-in adventure.

The Terrifics #24 picked up right where the last one ended. It was a treat to see just what the end of time looked like. Well, to some extent what it looked like. I enjoyed that by the end of this adventure things were still not entirely as they seemed on the surface. With that said, what I actually appreciated most was the way that this creative team produced this image of the end of time. The Terrifics is the kind of book that stands out because it pushes you to think and connect the dots. There was no better way to do this than to take a major decision made by Mr. T himself and throw it right back at him when he least expected it. It was a clever twist thrown at him and the team, and only got better through the answer to whether he truly made the wrong call or not.

Even with this being the last issue of this story, this creative team still did not let up rolling with the punches. For a team as smart and resourceful as this, it was tough watching them try to keep up with a situation which has been out of their hands for a good while. How they turned this around? You could call it convenient since you knew Paula was going to receive some sort of help to turn the tides of the battle, but it was also brilliant for the way they once more drew that line the sand between science and faith.

By the end of this issue, I was glad with the conclusion we received to this tie-in. It only made sense that in the same week this would finish up as the Justice/Doom War did for the Justice League. I’m not going to lie, considering how the latest issue of Justice League ended? I was almost convinced that we might see more of a connection between this situation and how it affects the spread of Doom in the multiverse. However, what we got instead was just as good. Maybe even better than the alternative. If there is one thing you have to commend most about The Terrifics and even a book like Justice League Dark? It is that both stayed true to their own story and direction. Everything progressed naturally to keep it all self-contained.

If there’s one thing you can never take from this book, it is that the interior work is amazing. This issue specifically blew me away because this art team took every opportunity to play with the wackiness that should come from these heroes and villains messing with the very fabric of time and space. The effects of falling through time to the end, the effect of cutting through the fabric of space and time literally. They simply had fun with it all. The rendering of the end of time was stunning for the fact that not a beat was skipped getting every detail of this setting. As impressed as you could be with the depth given to the characters and other things, the settings immerse in it all. To an extent you could also say the same for the colors and lettering which were both distinguishing and popped with range.

I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t have my reservations about this story arc and tie-in, because I did. For as big as the Justice/Doom War has been, getting into the craziness of time and space can get messy. Lucky for us that a book like The Terrifics is in capable hands to hand this type of storytelling.

The Terrifics #24




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