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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Thor #2! I’m not going to lie, I had my reservations about this one. The costume wasn’t clicking initially, and it’s not hard to feel like anyone could do better than the run before. Fortunately, the first issue of this new run of Thor gives you hope for what Cates can bring to the table! Not to mention they did not oversell when they said that this would be metal AF!

Through the events of this second issue, a statement was made towards what Thor has now gotten himself into after becoming Galactus’ Herald of Thunder. Of course when you are dealing with Galactus, you know what you have signed up for. Though more than that, you know that nothing is ever going to be that straightforward with so much choice that is taken out of your hands. This was either going to be a development that would go very right given the additional power Thor would be taking on, or it would go very wrong now helping someone who only knows destruction. The answer to that did not disappoint one bit. With Thor being given the location of the five worlds that would power Galactus to take on the Black Winter, the next step was obviously going to be finding these planets.

Upon reaching the first planet, I loved the way what happened here set the tone for everything else to follow. This would all be too easy if these were planets that could easily be eaten and forgotten. I’m sure we all foresaw what would be found on these planets as well, and that changed everything when the moment of revelation came. There was no better time than now for Thor and Galactus to find themselves at odds over it too since this was our time to also know the kind of Thor we are dealing with. That said, the realization of which Thor we are dealing with here was the biggest thrill. In only two issues did it take for us to understand what makes this Thor and story metal. I found myself cringing for the fact that normally there is a line drawn for someone like Thor. Even when someone has committed the worst offense, you would not see him so quick to send a message the way we did to Galactus as they found themselves not seeing eye to eye. I actually cringed, and that is a new feeling.

Despite the importance of finding these planets, it was great there was still a balance to this story which forces Thor to think like a king. No matter how big or small the focus on that could be, it does not hurt making that time to say that Thor has very little room to neglect what is now a big responsibility for him. It helps that at the same time we are also learning what being king makes you more capable of than just simply being a god.

Now I’m going to pretend that I didn’t really read a reference to the Justice League in the pages of a Thor book, because I’m pretty sure I did. I wasn’t sure what to think of this, but I did feel respect for the boldness to really use that universe as an example for how dangerous this Black Winter is.

If the story wasn’t enough to knock you out of your seat, then the artwork surely would. When you read the names Nic Klein and Matt Wilson, you know that you are in store for a treat when flipping open to that first page. From the first issue into the second, they did god’s work taking the world of Thor to cosmic levels. As I said before, I had my concerns about the costume choice for Thor initially. It didn’t take until seeing what he became that the choice made so much sense. Thor the god and king in all his cosmic glitters and glow. With the finishing touch of course being the now forever glowing Mjolnir which now crackles with power and lightning. What sold me this time around just so happened to be the action. Words could not describe the expression I took on when seeing the lack of restraint that Thor now wields. Not often will it ever be that brutal in a Thor book, but this art team fully embraces what that looks like. Especially what the other person looks like on the receiving end. That in particular made me very happy seeing Klein as the penciler. This is an artist who knows how to show you some stuff when body parts start going splat.

Overall, Thor #2 is the issue of the series that will hook you if the first issue only grabbed your attention. The Black Winter may be on its way, but there is more than one danger to brace for when at the end of the day nothing changes the fact that this is Galactus being treated as the universe’s only hope.

Thor #2




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