Legacies “What Cupid Problem?” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Legacies!It seems like this is just going to be a thing now. You know, the thing where around that time of the year there is going to be a themed episode? It was no real shocker that they wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something around the time of Valentine’s Day. Considering how entertaining the Christmas episode was, I had expectations that this one could do the same for us.

Our introduction to Cupid was very intriguing. This could have been a lot of things. Though more specifically this could have been a fairly whimsical episode where they were simply trying to keep Cupid from messing with to many people by shooting them with arrows. So I found myself very happy to see hat there was so much more to this than what we were seeing on the surface. This Cupid was fun in spite of what he turned out to be. In a school full of so many different supernaturals and clashing personalities, there was so much that would go wrong. Seeing it all through his lens was refreshing too.

The highlight of this episode was the fact that this was Landon’s golden opportunity to show what he brings to the table when trying to step up as the hero. There was no better time than now with Hope trying to find a way to bring back the Saltzmans, and the Saltzmans off trapped in the prison dimension. While Landon isn’t quite the kind f character you always take seriously, this was one of those times where that worked perfectly to his appeal. Especially when it is this guy of all heroes in the school who decides to summon the Super Squad. Honestly, I still love that this is something which exists at all for them. If you told me that any of these students a season ago would have it in them to work together to take down monsters? I would have rolled on the floor laughing. With that said, this part as a whole was a favorite to me. Mostly because not only was this not the complete team, there was some new members as well who were not what you would call the most capable in combat.

Dealing with Cupid was fun for that alone since they were met with one heck of a close call. If there was one thing I really anticipated, it was whatever scene captured in picture where the Super Squad seemed to be so caught off guard by something they stepped into. Seeing what that was offered a good laugh since clearly not everyone here has been exposed to the worst that they could experience.

Now where Landon rose to the occasion was impressive. I was just a tad let down that they didn’t genuinely explore what it is that makes him useful as a Phoenix aside from being able to come back to life, but at the end of the day they did emphasize the one thing we all knew which he did better than most students. That being thinking on his feet. In a school where the most powerful tend to thrive more than the rest, it made a big difference that they put some focus on the fact that not all heroes need to be able to destroy in order to be important. Overall it was a good lesson to jump into when the biggest takeaway was Hope understanding that not everyone needs protecting.

Speaking of Hope, her efforts to save the Saltzmans was the only place where things got a bit shaky. Her boldness was something to admire when interrogating Alyssa, though this led us to another subplot with MG that didn’t really stick the landing. When it comes to MG, often times he is written too predictable. We get it, when MG falls for someone, he falls hard. And when he screws up? He tends to screw up royally. This week was no exception when finding himself trying to help with something bigger than himself, and yet struggling not getting caught up in his own sense of morality. Maybe it is good that someone like him has that prominently, though is it worth it at the cost of being dry?

It was probably also for the best that they also wrapped up this thing with Kaleb’s sister working at the school. As interesting of a development as that was bringing someone else to the school who was normal, we all knew what kind of plot device she was going to become. They needed to consistently make a statement that the school is a dangerous place just being around supernaturals in general. The message was received, but it didn’t seem like one that we entirely needed at this time either.

That aside, with it now being a couple of weeks since the return of Legacies, it was good that they took some time to put the spotlight back on the Necromancer. As the big bad, it is good that he is not forgotten as the most dangerous threat which no one is yet aware of. Could he have done more? Possibly, but they did enough just having him being the current orchestrate for most of the madness that these students are dealing with.

As the third themed episode for this season of Legacies, “What Cupid Problem?” was for the most part another memorable addition. If you didn’t already have a reason to love Landon as a major character in this series, this episode gave you another reason to care about this rising hero. I only hope that soon enough they really dig into what it means to be a Phoenix. Maybe it will come down to running into the right monster who challenges the ability of the Phoenix to come back to life? Only time will tell!

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