My Hero Academia “Win Those Kids’ Hearts” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about My Hero Academia episode 79, or in other words “Win Those Kids’ Hearts”. With the “shie hassaikai” arc wrapped up, there is only one thing left to conclude before we move on to the next story arc. That being Shoto, Bakugo, Inasa, and Cammie finishing their exam.

Now before we get into this one, let’s pull the band-aid off first. This is not going to be one of those plots where they wrap it up in one go. Surely enough some of us want them to get this over with and move on to the next thing. However, that’s not the case here and it’s also probably for the best. It goes without saying that those like Bakugo and Inasa truly need this period here to get over their current shortcomings. For Bakugo, it’s the severe lack of heart that holds him back from being a genuine hero. You can’t be strong and let that take the place of being a respectable individual. As for Inasa, this is someone who obviously needs to sort through his feelings to see that you can’t just put on a face. What everyone sees has to actually be you all the way through.

The challenge was intriguing because before this week I don’t think anyone of us who didn’t read the manga would have expected that their big task would be communicating with an elementary school class which is full of problem children. This group of four could have been tested in many ways and succeed easily, but this was one hell of a way to throw them all outside of their comfort zones. Even for someone like Inasa who you would assume had the edge over everyone else based on outward personality.

How each of them tried to handle these kids was both heartbreaking and entertaining. It was funny because none of them really had any idea what they were doing through each failed attempt, and it was heartbreaking because it is not easy seeing kids their age being broken down so hard by children in elementary school. With that said, there was only some feelings of frustration for the fact that some efforts were clearly never going to work from the minute the idea slipped out of their mouths. You could tell here and there that they were just looking for ways to make this a story longer than it should be.

One thing which we all had to look forward to this week was Endeavor finally having a one on one with All Might. This has been a long time coming. As I’ve said before, we’ve seen what a fight for the number one villain spot looks like. It was brutal, and it was action-packed, and it was even enlightening for what we know defines a villain to these criminals. There was all of that and more, yet here we were with not much said for the current standings of the hero community. There was no better time than now to begin correcting this error. When Endeavor and All Might began exchanging words, it was worth the wait. Particularly to see this guy with so much pride finally feel the responsibility that comes with being number one. It’s not just about being powerful, it is about what you represent which is meaningless if its superficial. They drove this message home while at the same time creating room for Endeavor to begin setting himself on a new path. One where he is finding his own meaning to being what the world needs right now.

Overall, I hope that this is the start of us better getting to know Endeavor, and getting more of a reason to invest in him as someone who should be playing a bigger role in the series soon. It wouldn’t make sense for their to be this dark period for the world if pro-heroes like him were not making real efforts to step-up and rise to the occasion.

By the end of My Hero Academia “Win Those Kids’ Hearts”, there will definitely be some mixed views on this one. This is a necessary episode to spend time on, but that is not an episode that you will release without getting some criticism about what will make it seem like filler. So far just the way this put Endeavor and All Might in the same place to properly discuss the number one spot is the best takeaway we will get from this story.

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