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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Birthright #41! It kills you, this is such a good series and yet they really love to make us wait for new issues. I mean, that’s not to say that the previous issue wasn’t the end of the latest story arc, but that time also came and went pretty fast. This is one of those times where you want to really go from one issue into the next without feeling like you have to catch yourself back up, because where we are at now is where things are really getting good.

By getting good I do mean getting intense. We all knew that for there to be an end conflict to the God King Lore, there would have to be some way for him to get to Earth, or for these heroes to get to Terrenos. It was always more likely that it would be the world of Terrenos unleashed once again on Earth. From the flip of the first page we saw exactly what it looked like when these creatures and monsters are unleashed onto an unsuspecting war. Immediate this art team knocked it out of the park because they pulled no punches in the imagery they put into your head. Its going to look like a warzone, though at the same time it is going to look like a mass slaughter on both sides. Carnage and chaos in every direction you look. It helped that there was even a difference in time between the end of the last arc and now. This created a sense of anxiousness which really made you wonder where our heroes were at in the middle of this intro to the new world.

Now what caught me of guard about this issue was that at the same time they took the opportunity to finally address the parts of Lore’s story which still had holes. There was a whole other truth to his story that pretty much changed everything we once knew about this tale of destiny and prophecy. This bomb they dropped on our laps puts a creative twist on what it means to have a destiny since most of us would think having a destiny in a fantasy story leads you to something positive. One would have assumed so much about Lore just being someone who became the hero and simply lost his way getting to that point. It made a big difference to see that this creative team thought through this on a deeper level. Overall, it was all very cleverly executed.

With that said, there was only a bit that we actually got of our return to Mikey and company, though better something than to leave us waiting for another issue to see how they have adjusted to the mindset of war. For as grim as the situation looked, I appreciated getting that one glimpse of how they plan on fighting back. This could easily be a slaughter for Earth, but where is the thrill in a war that one-sided?

Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas did amazing this month. As I said above, from the minute you flip to that first page you are blown away by their rendering of this war between Earth and the forces of Lore. Call it what you will. A mass slaughter, a graveyard of corpses, or simply war. This art team held nothing back keeping your eyes engaged by the creatures flying, planes crashing, bodies torn apart, corpses littering the ground, and all the fighting between it all. They jumped right into all of that in full detail. I was actually glad that they accomplished this without getting too over the top. It’s not as if we haven’t seen some visceral stuff in this book, but some artists do have the habit of going too wild or the sake of it. Like the issues before, the creativity overall was still something to admire with all of the things we’ve never seen before on the Terrenos end.

As the start of a new story arc, Birthright #41 changes your expectations of this last stretch in a big way. The game has changed, the stakes are higher than ever before, and we even learned some major details about the story of Lore which makes you rethink a lot of what got us to this point in the series.

Birthright #41




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