Review: Justice League Odyssey #18

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Justice League Odyssey #18! Now if you read my review of the previous issue, surely enough you would be wondering why I’m still continuing with this book despite being so harsh about the current direction of the story. My answer to that is pretty much the same as it was before. When you started off with such a strong investment in a book like this? You want to see it get better and improve.

One of my strongest critiques of the current direction of the book was the fact that we were being pulled in too many directions. The main appeal of the main story before was that we were moving in a single direction, and everything was pretty much as straightforward as it gets. However, once Darkseid got his hands on Sepulkore? Everything went off the rails and that created a strong departure from what we initially invested in. The good thing was that at the very least efforts were made with Justice League Odyssey #18 to begin centering on this mission to stop Darkseid and save the rest of the Odyssey team. One thing we knew off the bat is that there was no way either half of this new team was going to accomplish anything without the rest with them. So this chapter proceeded with the self-awareness that this needed to be the end destination before we get into anything else.

With that said, Justice League Odyssey #18 picks up where the previous issue ended as Jessica, Orion, and our new character in Gamma take continue their battle with Cyborg and Xotar. This was a solid action scene, and one which made a statement about the challenge which lies ahead for Jessica if they had this much of a hard time with just two enemies. The best takeaway from it was seeing that there are ways to turn the tides in this war with Darkseid.

Now considering this issue is also hyped up for the return of Darkseid, that was just a bit of a letdown since there wasn’t too much to the part he plays in this chapter. For the most part we were just getting a perspective from him where there is a better grasp of how driven he is to see his plans through to the end.

One thing I appreciated more than anything else was what unfolded with Blackfire, Dex-Starr, the technician and this Lord of Time, Epoch. For these three, I found it to be a challenge caring too much about where their mission was leading them. It made a big difference that in this chapter they could finally make some progress which turned out to be very enlightening for everything we now know about the possibility of this mission ending successfully.

That aside, I wouldn’t say that there was too much which stood out about the interior work. Not to say this in a bad way, but there wasn’t too much that you got from this that you didn’t already see from the issue before. Sometimes it is just good to show consistency in quality. This is an art team that produces quality work which as I have said numerous times before is probably the best thing that Justice League Odyssey has going for it as a whole. Stunning renderings of space, creative new settings, clean pencils, colors which jump out at you. All enough to keep you engaged visually with every flip of the page.

Overall, Justice League Odyssey #18 was an improvement. There is only hope that the quality only goes up from here with both halves of the story converged and most on the same page about what needs to be done in order to both defeat Darkseid and save all of existence.

Justice League Odyssey #18




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