Review: Predator: Hunters III #1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the third installment of Predator: Hunters! Now I’m not going to lie, I had no clue that we were even going to get a third chapter to this series of books. As good as these books were, it seemed as though the interest was leaning more towards producing Alien stories. It was good to see that this was not the case as the Predator: Hunter stories offer just as much engagement into this universe be it the books or movies. What got me very excited to jump into this first issue just happened to be the realization that this was still being handled by the same creative team as before.

With so much time between this volume of Predator: Hunters and the last, it was very easy to forget the kind of story that we were getting ourselves into. So with a flip of the first page this creative team wasted little time throwing us right into the action. To remember that stories like this always begins with a terrifying first experience with a Predator. This one like those before did not disappoint one bit. You have a regular person, and suddenly everything they once thought they knew about the world was thrown out the window upon the discovery of something that could go through armies on its own.

That said, it did make you wonder how they planned on keeping this story going past what occurred in the first two parts. Fortunately, when they said the cause was cartel soldiers being wiped out in the jungles of Central America? That was straightforward enough to remember that everything tends to come down to finding the next Predator arrival, and that just so happens to be where.

As the first issue, there wasn’t too much character development to take from this aside from experiencing what Raphael Herrera went through at the hands of a Predator. Again, it was your standard story of horror and terror as we journeyed through his tale of survival. It was at the very least engaging for the fact that there was a lot of narration from him throughout it. When it came to the rest of the Predator Hunters team, it was more of an acknowledgment of their presence that we go in this first chapter. Considering the kind of story this is, I was never too concerned about this debut being character driven. If that comes, it will come down the road and it will take time. If there was anything we had to truly look forward to, it was the action. The action did not disappoint one bit either. It was brutal and took advantage of everything inhumane about the tactics of the Predators.

As I said above, a big selling point for Predator: Hunters III was seeing that we were still getting the same work from the same art team. This was not at all a problem for me because I enjoyed what work Brian Thies and Wes Dzioba produced. This art team understands he kind of world we are supposed to step into. One where it is as important to detail and render the settings as it is to give you every gory detail of the action. I was actually impressed that it didn’t even take long for this art team to get back into the groove creating the interior work. It did start off shaky here and there, but the pencils in particular cleaned up by the end. Thies did not skip a beat whether it was capturing the distinct look of the Predator, or getting into every visceral act carried out by them. What continued to make the atmosphere pop was the lush colors chosen which wash through the pages. Well maybe more so overlay. Though regardless, Dzioba used a gorgeous array of colors to bring you into a world where it matters being intune with the outside world.

Overall, Predator: Hunters III #1 was a bloody reintroduction back into this world. It is of course recommended that you read the first two parts before jumping into this one, but if you already did? Part III is going to be worth investing in for the same reasons you did for the others. There is action, no punches are pulled either, and you know it is all going to rev up to an actual battle between two forces who know what to expect from the other.

Predator: Hunters III #1




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