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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Strikeforce #6! Strikeforce #5 last month was playing with fire between the use of Ghost and messing around with the clashing of science and magic, but the effort paid off by the end of the issue. This team found themselves right in the middle of the kind of problems they signed up for to deal with. The only question is if they bit off more than they could chew.

For the first part of this issue, it was great that the room was found to take a step back and really get into what Karla Sofen and Box did to set this madness she calls an experiment in motion. With everything we knew from what we got out of the previous issue, nothing everything was clear about her intentions. This was a great time to actually create a sense of clarity for all of us. It seems the same could be said for Ghost as well who never truly seemed to be working in his element. It helped to see what he was getting out of working with someone who doesn’t apply the same logic he does to their work. With that said, it was also interesting how the endgame for Karla can be taken. It’s not as if she was working on something terrible. The terrible part about it was her methods. A bad combination when the person is so driven by the idea that they are doing good, and everyone else is in the way of it.

Catching up with current events, the urgency kicked immediately into high gear. There’s a hospital full of people who have now arisen from the dead, and no one is allowed to either kill or seriously harm them. A tricky situation when most of the heroes on hand to deal with this problem aren’t so big on holding back.

How this all wrapped up was pretty convenient, and it happened pretty fast, but it was a good conclusion to this story. If there was any concern you may have had with this in the end, it was probably the lack of danger that these characters faced. You pretty much had it in your mind that they had things handled, and that the only thing that was holding them back was the desperation to make sure that no life was wasted from Karla’s experiments. It also helped that they had their best ally right in front of them the whole time and just needed a proper confrontation. That same convenience was shared with what came from Daimon and Wiccan’s part too. One wound have thought initially that this was leading to something more, but that wasn’t quite the case here. They faced an obstacle, though it was only one that they had to overcome by getting on the same page.

Even with this issue I still found it a strange time for a guest artist if you ask me. Having a guest artist normally also means that you are stepping away from the main plot for something else. To some extent we have, but at the same time not entirely. I can’t say that I was all too captivated by what Camagni brought to the table before. There was some excellent work all around by the art team, but he was definitely at that shaky stage of getting used to these characters and the world around them. With this next issue he showed great improvement in getting used to these characters and how to best capture them through better perspective and proportions. What I did consistently appreciate was having clean pencils which brought more attention to the action than what the rough overlay offered in the previous arc. This time around there wasn’t as much playfulness with the colors from Guru-eFX, but the quality was still there which maintained consistency from start to finish.

Through the conclusion of Strikeforce #6, this chapter in the lives of these heroes comes to a close. Action-packed, great sense of urgency, and a memorable villain in the form of Moonstone. It was a good end which left little to question aside from what is going to keep this team together now their main reason for coming together is done with.

Strikeforce #6




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