The Magicians “Magicians Anonymous” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the fourth episode of this season of The Magicians. Again “The Mountain of Ghosts” was breathtaking for only the third episode of the season.Some fans will act like there is nothing left from this series to invest in, and they would be dead wrong. In fact this week’s episode continues to prove the naysayers wrong when more characters get their time in the spotlight.

The next step in Julia’s quest did lead her to give someone a book. The who and what really put her through some hurdles this time around. I was actually more taken back by the fact that who she turned to finally brought her story full circle again. For everything that was explored about her feelings after losing Q and getting her magic back, it was ignored that a lot happened before all of that which involved the gods. There was no better time than now to address where she now stands as someone who has slipped between both worlds. For this being a quest, they did not hold back giving Julia the full experience. There was stakes to her choices, there was urgency, and there was of course tension when nothing is ever that straightforward when dealing with higher beings. Where this ended for Julia was painful for the irony in the position this put her in, but it was good to know that no matter what her heart was always in the right place.

THE MAGICIANS — “Magicians Anonymous” Episode 504 — Pictured: Stella Maeve as Julia Wicker — (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Speaking of choices, Penny made a huge one this week. One which led him to a heavy loss on his end, though at the same time a monumental discovery on the other hand. This isn’t to say that everything is brought to a close about that pesky voice, though at the very least something was actually happening to address that this is problematic for someone who is psychic.

With Alice now working closer to Julia and Penny, the part she played led to some chilling developments. This I was very happy for since the best way to overlook everything Alice has done wrong in the past, is to see her try to fix the world with everyone else for a change. If there was anything the others were lacking, it was knowledge and resources. Both of which Alice almost always had access to. Where she went turned into something else entirely, but this brought another part of her chapter to a close which was obviously holding her back. Well her and someone else who was a welcomed surprise for who we haven’t seen since the end of the previous season. It made a big difference with said person as well that she could get two weeks back to back being the shoulder that someone could lean on. That in itself is a big change in direction.

THE MAGICIANS — “Magicians Anonymous” Episode 504 — Pictured: (l-r) Olivia Taylor Dudley as Alice Quinn, Mageina Tovah as Zelda– (Photo by: Eric Milner/SYFY)

Catching up with what came next for Eliot and Margo was a roller coaster, as if this whole experience for them hasn’t been enough of one already. On one hand you have Eliot who may be getting too close to the Dark King for the sake of figuring him out, and then you have Margo who is pretty much in the belly of the beast as one of the royal knights. Only wrong can truly come out of this, and where this took them can give you some hints as to how. This isn’t to say that you don’t want to see how they survive all of this, because this is where the true test of their ability as magicians begins. The best takeaway from what they got themselves into was seeing more of what makes the Dark King dangerous. He’s powerful, but there’s greater questions about his origins stirred from everything we don’t know about his power.

It was great getting back to Kady this week because this took us somewhere fantastical! And better than that, it was a co-op adventure with Dean Fogg of all characters. I was very excited for this because Fogg has been way overdue for a story that really made his role important once more. This isn’t to say that where this led him by the end of the episode wasn’t heartbreaking, but there was no denying him this moment where everything he has been through up to this point finally came full circle. I appreciated that in this episode here, he was finally given the room to dig into that well of emotions which alcohol once hardened him too much to experience. Part of his realization this week was drug-induced, though there was no denying him of this ability to genuinely slip into the role of a hero and someone who sees the world with a clearer lens.

With that said, let’s get back to the fantastical part of that storyline. You couldn’t have asked for a better pairing than Kady and Fogg. Two who always had more in common than they were willing to admit to one another. It was great that they could see something wrong and make a bold move to venture into it. It was an adventure that was both out of this world because of the effects and response to it from them, though at the same time terrifying for everything unknown about what they were getting themselves into. Who this led them to was an intriguing interaction for someone who manages to give the party god a run for his money.

All in all, a lot of things happened in The Magicians “Magicians Anonymous”, and a lot of it was both jaw-dropping and intense. This was a great week for the visual team, for the writing which tied up numerous loose ends, and the cast who once more proved that there’s more room for their characters to captivate us.

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