DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Harley Quinn Highway” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Harley Quinn Highway”! “Bensonhurst” last week was our intro back into the wild side of this series. We all got to meet Harley’s family, see that the madness didn’t start with The Joker, and drawn a line in the sand for Harley between a broken family and one that is genuine. Now that Harley knows where she went wrong, this was the time in the story where all the pieces are out back together. We all know that DC loves breaking their toys to put them back together again.

This episode wasted little time jumping right into the rescue mission to save Ivy from her captors. Though of course not before getting us to that point for Harley where she got her crew back. It was something that needed to happen, and the approach towards it was great for the fact that it did not come as easily as it could have. Harley has the tendency to be a creature of habit, and everyone else can see that better than she ever could herself. Getting these guys to work with her again was something which had to be earned, and even then they made sure that there is still progress to it. I would say that it was the reaction and response from the others which made the scene. All of them varied from hell no to **** out of here.

When the rescue mission kicked off, that was where we got into the fun shenanigans once more. After some time apart from the crew, it made you appreciate a lot more what each of them brought to the table. Kickass when they need to be, comical when you least expect it, resourceful at the most convenient times. Just how they got into the facility was quite clever if you ask me. They should not have been as successful as they were.

What caught me off guard about the rescue mission was actually what came after. Rescuing Ivy was only half the battle when the other half was stopping Scarecrow from harvesting her pheromones to make a super toxin that turns plants into sentient monsters. This turned into something else entirely which you could not have prepared for. You read “Harley Quinn Highway”, and you would wonder what that has to do with saving Ivy. When that moment comes, you are left with satisfaction for all the ways that this shouldn’t have gotten so ridiculous and did. The visual representation of the Harley Quinn Highway was brilliant. Something like that should not be able to exist and yet there it was. And that image of what looked like Sy driving them on it? Who would have guessed that there was so much more to what we were seeing there? This guy at last got his standout moment and they made it count. The running joke has always been about his name, and now it begins to make sense!

There is one character who consistently stood out, but none more than the episode she got this week. The writing for Ivy this week was amazing because every opportunity was taken to show why she is so badass. From the very start of the episode Ivy proved that it takes an army to keep someone like her strapped down to a bed. With plants in hand she is a monster, and even without them she is not someone to underestimate. Speaking of things which needed to be earned, this was an excellent week for Ivy finally being given the room to say to Harley the things she was too hesitant to say to her all this time. The build-up to that moment was great. Harley getting the chance to see the way she affects Ivy made the biggest difference. When we want to help a friend, they don’t always see the effort you put into trying to give that help without being treated like crap for it. Sometimes they have to actually open their eyes and see past themselves and their needs. This show captures that perfectly.

Beyond this, I was impressed with how far they indulged in the madness this time around. When sentient plant monsters come to mind, you don’t picture such a massacre. The fact that they were willing to create that visual for us meant a lot. We at times will criticize when people kill for shock value, but this was definitely an exception.

What is the Harley Quinn Highway? Well that is something you’re going to have to see for yourself! You’ve never seen a rescue like this either! As a whole, Harley Quinn “Harley Quinn Highway” went above and beyond to make this an experience you could only have with Harley and company.

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