Legacies “Kai Parker Screwed Us” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Legacies! Its all fun and games till you have to get back to the real problems at hand. the monster of the week will always be the running theme for a majority of these episodes, though right now is the time to get back to the Saltzmans who are currently trapped in the prison dimension. A dimension where certain people found again are probably not going to be too thrilled running into the guy who had a hand in putting them there in the first place. Alaric has his share of dark little secret, though this one just about tops it where all of the Salvatore School’s most troubled students have been sent over the years.

When it came to this episode, I did have my reservations personally. As I’ve mentioned before, Legacies is the first show from this franchise that I have given a chance to watch. There was no “The Vampire Diaries” and “The Originals” before this for me, so there was concerns over much of what goes on here going over my head. Though at the same time there was interest in seeing how they handle this series considering there could easily be a group of other viewers out there who also jumped right into Legacies without prior knowledge of anything else which came before. With that said, was this a satisfying episode for someone in that position? The answer was yes. Credit where it is due that they were able to weave a story here which was self-aware of the fact that nothing came without the need for explanation whether addressing the imprisonment of Kai, Sebastian, or the other students Alaric sent from the school.

Let’s start with the students. This was a roller coaster for everything that both was and wasn’t what it seemed about the reason they were imprisoned there. They had to have done something unforgivable in order to be sent away. Something worse than the string of things which Alyssa Chang did to her own fellow students to end up where they did. The minute this episode began, they jumped right into the revelation in what they did. It was terrifying for the aftermath alone, though it did help down the road that we could also see what happened in the moment. I actually welcomed the fact that there was some sort of justification to their actions, though not enough to actually make you sympathize with what they did and refused to take accountability for.

I’m not going to lie, my first time ever seeing Chris Wood in a role was in Supergirl. I enjoyed his character as Mon-El, though it was also a role which played it safe for a guy like him. Now Kai Parker on the other hand, I think that he impressed me with the kind of character this turned out to be. He’s unhinged, deceitful, vengeful, spiteful, and worst of all he’s the kind of guy who’s confident that he’s the smartest guy in the room. Every time the camera turned to Kai, you didn’t really know what you were going to get out of him. Was he trying to play a long-con? Was some part of him trying to be genuine? Was he as angry as he made you think? These questions came to mind, and yet you could never truly figure him out because he didn’t want you to. I don’t think we have come across a character yet who keeps you on your toes the way that he does. Up to this week I would have thought that the hype for this characters as just hype. It was good to see that the wait for his return was worth it as someone who has never seen this character before to know what to brace for.

His interactions with Josie were brilliant as well. This was a great time for anyone who is a fan of Josie when she is growing from every experience, Unlike Lizzie, Josie is always aware of her flaws, and the things which make her vulnerable. How she took control of that in the face of someone like Kai was standout in contrast to how Alaric handled himself. Maybe it was the fact that Kai internally acts like a kid, but it mattered throwing someone his way who was more of his speed.

Who we knew off the bat we were going to run into again was Sebastian. He took me by surprise because he was not troublesome in the way that you thought he would. He was obviously going o try his hand at stealing away Lizzie again. However, that said nothing for how he was going to approach this.

By the end of this episode, we definitely do come to learn just who Kai Parker screwed. Before this episode even aired, I had a good idea as to what was going to happen here. Maybe not specifically, but it was pretty easy to see that the intention here was no to kill someone off. The point was to once more drive the point home that Kai Parker is among the worst. It didn’t matter who he screwed over, the fact of the matter was that he was in a position to screw someone over. Meaning that at some point he was going to get what he wants. Which also means that this world just got a whole lot more dangerous.

You got screwed, and you got screwed, and you got screwed by Kai Parker. Who didn’t get screwed by Kai Parker?! Legacies “Kai Parker Screwed Us” was all the hyped and it delivered as such. Chris Wood did a phenomenal job as one of the best villains to grace Legacies, and can’t wait to see how much worse things can get when imprisonment is but only a step in his return to chaos and discord.

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