My Hero Academia “Relief for License Trainees” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about My Hero Academia episode 80, or in other words “Relief for License Trainees”. Some viewers would have initially wondered why we were spending so much time on this plot, but this is a necessary episode to spend time on. Not one you want to sleep on either because what we get out of it by the end sets up for so much more than you thought you would have gotten out of it at first.

That was one heck of a note to leave us on last week, right? Suddenly seeing that these kids have some terrifying quirks and had no problem unleashing this power on aspiring heroes. From the start of this episode they jumped right into what this objective turns into when these kids are so ready to prove their dominance. I was actually impressed because the beautiful thing about My Hero Academia is how creative the creator got with these quirks. When you read your average American superhero comic, the powers are so simple. Yet here we are introduced to this class of kids who have quirks out the wazoo that you could only come up with on a bored day. It was just as awesome to see these quirks in action too.

Of course how Shoto, Bakugo, Inasa, and Cammie responded to this mattered just as much. It was an astonishing show they put on for the kids when deciding that it was more important to reshape these kid’s perspective of power more than putting them in their place. If you were like me, then you were certainly looking for a fight, but that would have probably been too much for a series like this. Not because fighting kids is that wrong, but more because it does not fit the kind of storytelling this series centers around. It made more sense that they would take a step back and put more effort into trying to reach these kids.

Aside from that, I welcomed the bit of world-building they tossed in. This happens when the writer explores something which adds to our understanding of the world the story is set in. As I said above, these kids had terrifying quirks for their age. There had to be something to that, and the reasoning was more than satisfactory for being a development we have also begun to notice in other ways outside of this subplot as the story progressed.

The best takeaway is the same as what we got out of last week’s episode. That being the change that Endeavor’s discussion with All Might brought about in his perspective. It’s not enough to just be the number one hero. You also have a responsibility to what that is supposed to mean. Endeavor had striven so much to reach the top of the mountain, that he never truly considered what happens when he gets there. Is his attitude what the people would find acceptable? Is his help what people would take because of his attitude? It made a big difference to even see the look of admiration that these kids gave the students and see that this was something missing in his own career.

Now what took me by surprise with the second half of the episode was how Aoyama approaches Deku in this incomprehensible manner. I had heard talking about the way that this character begins to crawl out of obscurity, though I did not expect that this moment would come now. How they handled this was great. I mean, what I read was a bunch of rumors about his quirk, though nothing ever addressed what actually happens when he begins standing out again. That I believe mattered much more than anything else theoretical about him. Till now all we ever knew about Aoyama was the circumstance of his quirk and the fact that he enjoys the shinier things in life. That’s all superficial when there was much more to explore about the way the kind of quirk he has makes him feel. It was about time that he found himself compatible with someone in the class who could see past what’s on the surface.

All in all, My Hero Academia “Relief for License Trainees” brings this chapter in the lives of the students to a proper close. We could have easily moved into the next big arc by now, but there was still enough storytelling to wrap up before moving forward. Every bit of what unfolded in the past two episodes was worth the investment. I know I walked away wanting to see those four students grow, to see Endeavor become a better version of himself, and in general see Aoyama given more relevance.

Next stop, “Cultural Festival”!

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