DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Slay Anything” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Slay Anything”! Getting through the second mission for the Legends, we now move forward with a lot more to look forward to from this season. One could say that they are getting pretty ambitious with the numerous storylines they’re juggling, but honestly who cares when there’s so much fun to experience along the way? That’s what’s so great about this show compared to the rest, you know that if they can at least make you crack a smile, they are doing their job.

“Slay Anything” was a great week for Ava. It was also one refreshing for for the fact that it took place between two different points in the past. 2004 and 1989. Sara, Rory and Ava crash a high school reunion in 1989 to attempt to stop a serial killer from finishing unfinished business, while the rest of the team tried their hand at putting a stop to this threat before it even began in 1989. Quite the mouthful right? But this is the time for them to get a bit bold. Throw the team into more impossible situations which involves them thinking outside of the box instead of being the hammer to the nail. Though before I continue, lets get back to Ava. Last week I said it was great that they are finally beginning to give her the Legends treatment. Right no she’s going through that phase of figuring out her purpose. It started with questioning her value to the team. Now she is getting those firsthand experiences tackling missions where she knows the point in time best.

Switching over to the mission itself, this was an excellent choice for an Encore. Its been a good long while since the last time we journeyed into horror territory. And it made a big difference that this Encore was actually powerful. One thing that they never take full advantage of is that the Legends, or at least the current iteration of them aren’t heavy-hitters. This was the best time for that and they nailed what this does to a team that is not fully equipped to take on that kind of challenge up-close and personal.

What actually grabbed your attention more than anything else was the fact that this was Nora’s time to shine once more. I had my worries that we weren’t going to see nearly enough of her this season. This was of course going to be her last season, but it would have been a slap to the face for all of us who invested in her if she didn’t get that once episode to show us why we missed her, and will. It was a roller coaster of emotions exploring what life is like for her as a Fairy Godmother. She had highs, and she had lows, though what stood out was how she made the experience her own. I was so captivated seeing how she could find that on kid who she could get to wish for something real. Not only that, but encounter that one kid who she could get through to without the need for power. There was no better time than now to show just how far she has come as a person who is still growing into the best version of herself.

Where this week took the new introduction of Zari was more engaging than expected. That’s not to say things didn’t get a bit goofy with her lack of acknowledgement of the out of the ordinary things occurring around her. That was a bit painful, but all necessary when building up to that point where she truly lets everything about the Waverider, her brother, and this team sink in. At the same time I enjoyed how they also took steps towards building a relationship between herself and Behrad. Again while you want to see more Zari, we too need to see more of Behrad who is technically brand new in spite of time changing where he has always been on the team.

While I did say Ava knew this time period best, it was safe to say that Rory did too. This I found welcoming because not always will Rory get a subplot where he has something to genuinely give a crap about. As the oldest on the team, it only made sense that someone like him could find some connection to an event like the prom night massacre.

This week was pretty small for Constantine, and that was probably for the best. It is good to know that there can be Encores to deal with an understanding that we will not be pull too far away from most missions for what Constantine gets himself into next. We got to see his emotional state of mind at the moment, and that said a lot about the stakes in this conflict he has with Astra. The best takeaway from this bit was at least knowing what Charlie has been up to all of this time. Well not everything she has been up to, but we know that she hasn’t been lost to the big plot. Hopefully this is the start of seeing more involvement from her despite having the habit of also running off to do her own thing.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Slay Anything” was a great episode for everything familiar and new that they dropped on our laps in this hour. Indulging in horror elements was a breath of fresh air, the character moments were perfectly executed, and the stakes in this mission felt real.

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