Review: Batman and the Outsiders #10

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batman and the Outsiders #10! Now I know what you’re thinking, did he really just jump all the way to issue #10? The answer to that question is yes. It’s one of those weeks where I really wanted to try something new from DC, and that book just so happened to be Batman and the Outsiders.

Batman and the Outsiders is a book that I will say I quickly took interest in learning about for the fact that the team is not like most you expect. Especially for one that is put together by none other than Batman himself. Though the main attraction for me wasn’t entirely there, it was for the fact that this was a book that did something with Black Lightning. If you know me, then you know that I am quick to jumping into a book which gives this hero the relevance he deserves. How they brought him into this story was great because I have always admired the way that he has a strong code. The kind that would undeniably come into conflict when dealing with the likes of Ra’s al Ghul.

When we got around to the kind of trouble this gets Black Lightning into, the scene was exciting for the fact that he has this intimidating presence to him without going to that dark place which others embrace. The only problem I had was that it was hard to really say that he came off as someone enveloped in darkness, and that was a bit of a disappointment. They seemed like they were willing to go down that road with BL, but he didn’t feel as challenged as he could have been.

The other thing which did catch me off guard was jumping into this issue and not seeing too much of an actual team. Everyone was pretty much all over the place, and that pulled us in so many directions that this turned into more of a fast-read than it was probably meant to be.

Now aside from this, there was something that many were talking bout up to this issue’s release. That was the fact hat Batman seems unwilling to turn anymore kids into what he is. I found this very refreshing as someone who is easily bored with the kind of hero Batman is. Seeing him acknowledge a pattern such as what happens when he picks up damaged kids is great development for the Bat. It was a compelling moment since at the same time we got Batman genuinely showing his nurturing side. He can get so wrapped up in his own personality sometimes, that he doesn’t know when that keeps him from connecting with people the way that he should.

The interior artwork for Batman and the Outsiders was much better than I thought it would be. If there was one concern I had before picking this one up, it was what the quality of the art would be. When I flipped open to that first page the pencils were the first thing which jumped out at me. Very good attention to detail, full renderings, and the movements of the characters were for the most part fluent. The only adjustment I would say is needed is seeing more emotion to add to the impact of some of the more character driven scenes. It goes a long way to create engagement through stronger expressions and body language. Beyond this, the colors were bold and set the right atmosphere for this chapter. It was actually cool to see the visual effect of a move from Black Lightning’s arsenal that I didn’t even know he had. The colors for that in particular popped.

As someone who picked this book up on a whim, it was a solid issue of Batman and the Outsiders. I can see where people would enjoy this book, while also having the perspective to see where it could have been a bit better than what was produced.

Batman and the Outsiders #10




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