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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Go Go Power Rangers #29! Enter Tommy, the new leader of the Power Rangers! This is a new chapter for everyone when nothing is the same aside from dealing with the monster of the day.

A lot of things happened this issue, though one of the more important developments was seeing where everyone stands with the new changes in roles. Jason we saw for the most part was fine with Tommy taking over since it was Zordon’s decision. Blindsided of course, though willing to give someone else a chance. However, this does not speak for the rest of the Rangers who each have a mind of their own, and have never been shy about sharing what they think about certain decisions made. As we opened up to this new chapter, quickly we were thrust into this new experience of the team under Tommy’s leadership. I think we all knew how that was going to go for a start, but the message was sent that taking over is not going to be easy. It takes time, patience from everyone else, faith as well. Overall, it was good to know that there was going to be a steady progression, rather than jumping right into Tommy taking charge and knowing exactly what he was doing.

With that said, I appreciated the depth given to the conversation the rest of the team shared about this new leadership. There are times where the Rangers can get in their own way. Some get too emotional, and this forces them to act too much like their age. This was not one of those times. We got a perspective from everyone, though at the same time we got an understanding about what kind of thinking can lead to problems which should be avoided on their end. The same could actually be said about the conversation Jason and Zordon have. Smart that there could be that one to two panels where Zordon genuinely explains himself. It shows growth on his end when Zordon’s greatest failures have always come from not being transparent enough in the things he does.

Despite all of that, still there was plenty of room to follow Zack, Trini, and Jason on their first mission as Omega Rangers. So far this part of the story has been refreshing because there is so much to consider when taking on a mission like this. They are keeping the truth about it hidden from their team, their families, and just about anything could go wrong where nobody knows they are out there in the farthest reaches of space. As a start to their first mission, they began on the right note asking the right questions and setting the stakes for what’s to come.

This actually turned out to be a good week for the writing of Lord Zedd. Up to this point I can’t say I was too satisfied with what we were getting out of him as the villain. We get that Zedd is different because he comes in with actual plans and is less tolerant about failures. However, there needed to be a time where we actually saw him acting like a conqueror, and not just another villain obsessed about his need to destroy the Rangers. Who and what he went after this time around made sense. Even better that this was bringing back a past introduced character who has made quite the impact since coming into the Rangers’ lives.

The interior work for this issue was solid. Definitely not lacking in creativity when it is finally addressed that recently the monsters unleashed by Lord Zedd have been leaning on the whimsical side. One could have easily chalked this up to the artists or even writer not having many ideas left for these new monsters, but there had to be something more to what we were seeing on the surface. It mattered knowing there was an explanation for it, though at the same time this does not take away from the fact that these are very much still unique creations. That said, the colors were bold and very effective in capturing a sense of wonder to these Omega Rangers journeying out into space. The moon is just the moon when you have stepped into high-tech ships and seen planets with very different atmospheres. Great effects in general kept this from just being okay or consistent.

By the end of Go Go Power Rangers #29, the set-up was enough to create interest in what’s going to happen with the Omega Rangers’ first encounter with the unknown. And by the end we are given reason to anticipate what either will go right, or very wrong with Tommy adjusting to his new role as leader while half the team is away.

Go Go Power Rangers #29




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