Review: The Terrifics #25

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about The Terrifics #25! Not only is this the start of a brand new chapter in the lives of The Terrifics, this is also a HUGE milestone for a book like this hitting the 25th issue. In other words, this right here is the special extra-sized 25th issue. I was anxious to see what that turns into for a book like this. Especially when they say that this is an epic multi-path journey that puts us, the reader, in charge of the story.

There was a lot to look forward to moving forward into the next chapter for this team, but nothing more than getting the answer to what it means that we take charge of the story. To be able to pick the ending? That’s pretty bold, not to mention risky if it didn’t engage us the way that it should. Personally I have never picked up a comic like this before. Read plenty of novels where the choice is in the hands of the reader, but never a comic taking that chance. With that said, this creative team nailed it. It took little to no time after jumping into this new story for us to understand what it meant to be put in the driver’s seat. The story unfolded, and then the minute there came a time to make a choice, we were hit with the same format, though with their own twist on it.

Now I’m not going to lie, the way I read it was a bit challenging since there was not a digital format structured for reading it that way, though surely enough for everyone else reading it with a proper app or with the physical book in hand, the ease of access was great. They did not skip a step between taking that first choice, which leads into a specific scenario, and then a definite end. Truthfully it took me a couple tries to get through to a proper end just because I wanted to really test the waters of how far they thought through this. You

The only disappointment is that they elude to something more than simply running the simulations by the end. That there would be some response to Mr. Terrifics’ actions. There could be in another issue, however, that is not this issue. Not necessarily a negative, but if you had any expectation that the consequences are real, then the answer is pretty much left up in the air.

The interior art was the best it has ever looked. I was impressed flipping open to that first page and being met with such stunning visuals and full renderings. Excellent detail from the pencil work, the colors had a brilliant range in depth, there was creativity in the design of this deadly new enemy, and the sense of perspective really made the art pop out at you. Above all, the interior work was standout because they simply had fun with the design and layout of the book. This isn’t a new format, but it is certainly rare when you will see it done like this. The use of the spheres only added to the imagery that this is supposed to be a series of life-or-death simulations.

Choose your fate, choose your action, choose your destiny! This was the pitch, and this creative team delivered on it! The Terrifics #25 was the boldest story told in this series so far, and that is saying something considering everything this team has been through since the very first issue. It paid off at the end, and the whole plot was clever for the way that it took advantage of what transpired in the previous story arc.

The Terrifics #25




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