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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Thor #3! THE BATTLE OF TWO STORMS! Before the first issue of this new series, everyone was on their toes about what we were to expect from it. It was going to be metal, it was going to be electrifying, but no one could have prepared for everything else that was dropped on our laps. To even hear that Beta Ray Bill was going to make an appearance was one thing, but it was another thing entirely to see that moment come.

If you thought that the second issue of Thor was action-packed? This creative team really just looked at us all and said “Hold my beer.” That isn’t to say that there wasn’t a story at play here, but this issue right here was all about the battle that could only be told through action. This truly was the battle of two storms as well because there was no other way that this confrontation could have ended than with two brothers clashing. It was one thing for Asgard to understand what Thor was sacrificing in order to save everything from the Black Winter, but the same can never be said for everyone else. Especially those who Galactus has wronged enough to see this alliance as anything but disrespectful.

This point in the story was crucial for the fact that this is where Thor hits his point of no return for this mission of his. There’s nothing written in stone that the next issue Thor could see he has made a mistake, but in this moment he made the statement that he this is what he decided needed to be done for the sake of everyone in the universe. Seeing why Thor should have considered other options from Beta Ray Bill’s perspective didn’t hurt one bit either. This is someone who has been the victim, experienced the worst that a being like Galactus can do, and sticks to what he knows is honorable. There is no one else out there who could have stirred a more convincing argument for Thor to rethink what has been set in motion.

The opening scene was quite brilliant as a start for the issue. At first you would have asked what this has to do with what is now currently unfolding between Thor and Beta Ray Bill, but it all made sense in the context of understanding how war is deeply ingrained into Thor’s being. Donny Cate’s narration was both chilling and captivating because he slipped into the mind of an Asgardian and made that scene feel epic.

That same energy the art team put into the second issue, they took with them into the third. You could tell that they were really into all of this because they did not skip a beat bringing out the best in these powerhouses. I mean, its rare when you see Thor this powerful, and that made for a terrifying battle. His presence was cold, his stare was intimidating, and his screams were full of fury without restraint. At the same time, I believe it helped getting to a point in the story as well where we could look into Thor’s eyes to see someone who is only trying to act out of necessity. This is a version of Thor who believes he has himself figured out, and that was consistently felt through every reaction, response, and strike which held confidence in the fact that there was no choice other than to protect the one monster who could stop the end of everything. The color work was astounding too. It was explosive, and of course the very definition of electrifying. I said that quite literally, and that was not even the only colors blasting you in the face when there were other parties involved in this conflict too.

I’m not the type to give in to hype, but right now this book is the hype! After these past three issues, it is much easier to say that this series is still in good hands. Thor #3 was Earth-shattering for the position that Thor is put into when confronted for his decision to help Galactus of all people.

Thor #3




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