DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Devil’s Snare” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Devil’s Snare”! The name is a bit on the nose this week, but what do you expect when the problem right now is an army of mutated plants unleashed upon the city of Gotham? This week I was prepared for the same craziness that we got out of “Harley Quinn Highway”. This is the time for them to hit the gas and drive this story through to the last stretch of the season. That sets expectations pretty high, but this series so far hasn’t failed to disappoint.

This episode threw us right back into the action from the very start. Like last week I loved the madness they unleashed because they pulled no punches to show what it would actually look like in a city like Gotham when monsters rampage through it. The heroes aren’t going to be able to save everyone, and the people who they aren’t able to save are of course going to be met with gruesome deaths. I think what made it even more hilarious was the fact that these are villains who are trying to save the civilians. Even if they were to save the day, you know that there is going to be a body count that they brush over. Not to say that the endless reaction shots after someone is eaten isn’t them acknowledging the massacre around them, though what is that compared to the numbers which consistently kept racking up?

That alone is what made the introduction of the Justice League in the show so appreciated. There is no way at all something like this unfolds and there are no heroes to take notice. It was fun to see how they responded to the problem, and obviously what took them out of it since this story is not theirs.

Removing that one possible plothole was great for the fact that at the end of the day, we all wanted to see what Harley and company could do in the face of an army like this. Overall, the action was entertaining because they did not fail to really show how this crew with the exception of Ivy is fairly underpowered against real threats. In some cases I actually think some of them should be more formidable, but in the context of the personalities given to them for the show the action could have unfolded any other way. Ultimately this was why I was happy they took advantage of the edge Ivy was supposed to have under these circumstances. It’s easy to forget just how strong she is, and I have this feeling they will only continue to hit us with the reminders going into the finale.

The best thing about Harley going after the Legion of Doom thinking that they were behind the attack on Gotham is how much easier this was said than done. Being that this is the second to last episode for the first season, they could have simply made this straightforward for Harley. She gets some insane idea in her head which ends up foolproof. Though how boring would that have been? She got hit with one heck of a twist which from the moment of execution to the very end of the episode shook things up. If there was one obstacle for her bigger than the Legion, than it was The Joker. And even then they still found someone just as terrible as The Joker to throw her way to further make this a challenge.

Above all, the humor made the biggest difference here. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is not that special that they would not try to balance things out with character moments. There was always going to be those few episodes here and there where they wanted the story to trump everything else. We got through those select episodes, and from there we jump right back into the chaos which we embraced about this show. The past couple of weeks in particular were entertaining for the way that the jokes hit with the same succession, variety, and spread out throughout the cast. I even found it worth it that they had to push it just a bit farther with this version of Commissioner Gordon who is unhinged and struggles with following Batman’s rules of engagement.

As I said above, expectations pretty high right now for Harley Quinn, but this series still has yet to disappoint. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Devil’s Snare” was a lot to take in from this crew punching outside of their weight class, and having the rug pulled from under their feet by an enemy who is worse than the sum of the Legion. I can’t wait to see how they overcome this challenge in the season finale next week!

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