Legacies “You Can’t Save Them All” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Legacies! As someone who just got his first introduction to the big villain that is Kai Parker, I can now see why last week’s episode was all the hype. His introduction into Legacies was refreshing as far as villains go. at as great time as well because I was getting worried that we were never going to get around to a magic user like him who could create a challenge. With that said, I couldn’t wait to see how this shifts our heroes into a new sense of urgency.

And urgency there was when the clock started ticking with Kai’s return to the real world. I was pretty caught off guard by how everything tied together by the end of this episode. The prophecy, Kai’s return, plus other things fans came to expect from current developments. Though let’s start with the looming prophecy which Hope has been trying to prevent. They kicked this bit into overdrive this week and the results were thrilling. It was quite obvious from the start as to why this episode was titled “You Can’t Save Them All”. If its a race against time to save the Saltzmans and the prophecy means more now than it ever did before? Clearly she was going to be put into a position where it was either going to be the life of one, or the lives of many. This was a great conflict to throw at Hope when all this talk about a new hero rising makes you feel like her importance as one may have begun to dwindle. This episode proved that fear wrong as the choices she had to make made the statement that there is always room for the kind of hero she is.

As for the other half of the prophecy, I found myself impressed with how this episode turned out to be another winner for Landon. Up to this point they have nailed the writing for this character who from the very start was the underdog. I mean as brutal as the jokes were, you couldn’t argue with the accuracy in regards to someone who can only not die. Eventually there had to be something more to it than that? There was no better time than now to find out what it takes to begin unlocking these other powers. I loved what the prophecy actually meant about him rising as a hero. It was always going to be a literal phrasing, but the question was still how. Was he supposed to get shot by the arrow? Jab himself with it? The answer to that was perfect, because it seemed like it was really a matter of him genuinely digging deep into what he is as the Phoenix.

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Speaking of digging deep, it was still unfortunate that for Josie this meant digging deep to take on a power which up till now terrified her. Many things could have gone wrong when Josie took this darkness into herself, but I’m glad they went down that path where the negatives needed to be discovered down the road. For most of this episode, we were only seeing what changes this brought about in her. The difference in confidence in her abilities, difference in power level, not to mention attitude which the best way I could describe was empty. It was chilling to see her so unfeeling, but when you strip those emotions away? There was nothing stopping her from accomplishing the impossible. Especially in the face of a three supernaturals who had ten years to hone their abilities. How she also accomplished their escape from the prison world was cool for the fact that she pulled off a spell that most would have truly struggled with on their own.

That scene in particular was endearing since it gave the one character who truly needed a proper send-off the one he needed. It was something to appreciate for a character who knew exactly what was and was not possible for him outside of the prison world.

Now I don’t know enough about Kai Parker to say when we have seen the last of him or not, but overall I can say that this is a character to remember. Everything about his scenes last week were exhilarating. He actually described himself best. “I’m always mad. But in a fun, completely unpredictable sort of way. It keeps you on your toes.” You couldn’t have asked for a more charismatic character to be a part of the cast aside from The Necromancer. The same could be said this week when seeing the guy really try his hand at outsmarting people who you wouldn’t dare cross any more than a vengeful Alaric. It was specifically satisfying to see how Hope handled Kai. Unlike Josie who is still learning to trust less, Hope is a lot harder to get one over on. It made sense that she would see red flags faster, and even handle herself better in a confrontation with him. With that said, it wasn’t hard to see where someone might think things happened too easily to Kai. For someone who has survived this long in the franchise, one would believe that there is much more to what we are seeing on the surface.

That aside, it was nice to see that there was still a role to play for others. Caleb, MG, and Jed had a part to play in this which I appreciated for where it led them, and the humor they offered along the way. This isn’t the kind of group you throw together without expecting some tension. There was tension, though not for the reason you would have assumed. The humor made their part worth the investment, while at the same time getting them somewhere that an important discovery could be made.

They have truly come with their A-game this second half of the season. Legacies “You Can’t Save Them All” created memorable scene after scene for defining what it means to be a hero in this world. Not all of them will be a powerful witch, or even have the power to do everything on their own. Some will simply know what they need to do as an individual when the time comes for them to rise to the occasion.

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