Batwoman “Take Your Choice” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Batwoman “Take Your Choice”! Honestly, since the Crisis event I have felt my excitement for this show renewed. As with most first seasons for these DC/CW shows, the first is almost always a bumpy ride. In the case of Batwoman, there was a lot of rough road we had to get through in order to get to some of the more thrilling storylines. You know, the things that should have been wrapped up in a couple of episodes rather than dragged along for weeks. With much of that out-of-the-way, we are now getting around to the good stuff.

This week the multiversal madness continues when Batwoman presents a new experience for running into a duplicate in this newly formed universe. It was only a matter of time before two dupes existing in the same reality created a problem. Unfortunate that this would come at the price of both parties possibly dying to “correct” the issue. That said, they hit the ground running from the minute this episode began. Everything was about what needed to be done in order to save Beth, and at least for Kate the intention was to save one without sacrificing the other. What made this so exciting was the fact that there wasn’t actually too much need for Batwoman. She was here and there when a firm hand was required to get out of a situation, but aside from that? This was a situation which required thinkers. Who would have guessed that Luke, Mary, and this other Beth could work this well together brainstorming things which only an episode seemed impossible till the post-Crisis world?

It was a rare dynamic, though one you had to appreciate because all of this was done for the most part without anyone truly relying on Batwoman. What I personally appreciated was the fact that these three heads were working on a solution that wasn’t trying to science away the impossible like The Flash or Arrow would. This was three heads who were aware of the impossible and taking that into account for the answers needed. They fought against the rules, and then they played by the rules in the end.

Now when it came to the decision Kate had to make, there was no surprise as to who she was going to save. I actually admired the fact that they didn’t try to kill the moment with the idea that both could conveniently be sparred a painful demise. Though when it came to the sister she saved, how they approached that scene was where they handled it best. Even if you knew what Kate wanted, this isn’t the kind of story where people like her gets what she wants. They strung us along a path and had no problem waiting for that moment where they could pull the rug from under our feet. It hurt, but that was the point.

What helped with the plot was a strong sense of pacing. From the start there was a time-frame given, and the urgency kicked into overdrive with every attempt that was either going to prolong the inevitable or avoid it.

This week the feeling was mixed towards what came from the role Sophie played in this episode. This time around she is more deadset on trying to get Commander Crowe out of prison. We know so far that when Sophie dives into something consumed by her emotions towards it, her ability to make proper decisions wears thin. Problematic when this once again throws Sophie into that corner of being nothing more than an obstacle or plot device. Though if we’re being fair, here you could overlook that because Sophie brought about a situation that is very relatable to our world today. In our world it is a problem when the law enforcement take their jobs to such extremes where they compromise the privacy and safety of civilians. Sophie’s new role perfectly represented the discomfort this creates when just about anyone can be presumed guilty of something they did not do.

Where things did get surprising was the reintroduction of a character from the past who you did not expect to make such a devastating move in the midst of all this chaos. You could say that it was a development that come from left field, but at the same time they took the perfect opportunity to remind us that there are still things from the past which we have not seen in their entirety. Next week’s episode will be one to look forward to just for where this move further shakes things up.

Two was definitely a crowd. It sucks that one of these two sisters had to go by the end of the episode, but how they went about it made a big difference in making this a thrilling hour. Batwoman “Take Your Choice” was full of suspense, endearment, though at the expense of possibly creating a new kind of monster. The kind which may now be fully off its leash feeling nothing but betrayal.

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