Supergirl “Back From the Future – Part Two” Review

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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Supergirl “Back From the Future – Part Two”! With the time between this episode and the last, it was easy to forget that this “Back From the Future” adventure was a two-part story. I truthfully was excited upon remembering this because Winn is one of the best characters on this show that we lost to the future. So the big question was of course what would happen with the other universe Toy Maker achieving his immortality in digital form.

The opening scene to this episode was fun because it’s not often enough that these characters get the opportunity to just be themselves and have fun. Sometimes this will take the form of their group dinners and games, but not too often at the start of the episode. So this one was something to appreciate for Winn being there and them taking the opportunity once more to showcase the bars that Kara and a surprising addition had to share.

From there it was straight into what came next for this evil dupe. Honestly? I find that this one has been one of the most fun because there’s something so straightforward and chilling about his plans. It wasn’t petty, vengeful, or personal. This was simply someone evil who was just stepping his game up. Very quickly the atmosphere changed, and it was awesome for the fact that there is no better sense of urgency to stir up than what comes from the DEO under attack. This isn’t the first time that someone wormed their way into the system, but not like this. Not like this version of the DEO which houses so many more dangerous weapons and defense systems against even Kryptonian-level threats. This situation was right up Alex and Brainy’s alley when these two were able to jump right into a response to everything which posed an immediate danger to everyone.

Now of course the big draw-in for this episode was Supergirl helping Winn face his greatest fear. It hit hard seeing Winn going through the motions again, but it was so powerful at the same time to follow his journey towards reclaiming control over his legacy. There was really no better time than now for him to find a conclusion to everything which haunted him between the reputation his father created, the name which constantly reminds him of his father’s actions, and the chokehold this once had over his future with a family. Every scene was made to count for him too when we got to see much more of what Winn is now capable of. Between the past two episodes I was more impressed with what he brought to the table than even Brainy. Brainy is mostly machine and still has yet to be as resourceful as Winn has been in such a short amount of time.

Where this second act was so clever was understanding who was still pulling the strings. I think at this point we can all agree that Lex is the best villain to grace the screen this season. Not because of anything that he will and is willing to do to Kara, but because the lengths that he is willing to go in order to get this edge over Leviathan. It’s refreshing that his current obsession could be so damaging to everyone around him. I mean, are the lives of these agents really that expendable? Even the heroes? I found myself shocked that there is literally nothing in front of him which matters more than having more control than this single organization which eludes him.

In spite of what was said above, this was still another great episode for Brainy. Since becoming whole again, he goes through a lot more conflict than normal. It’s all very engaging exploring the perspective he holds over a bigger picture no one else sees. This hasn’t led him to make the wisest decisions, but he is far from the kind of person who doesn’t know how to fight for control when things get out of hand. It also makes a big difference that he is someone who is close to Lex and can keep up even if he isn’t getting everything he needs to know about Lex’s plans when he needs it.

Aside from this smaller developments were still notable whether it is Alex finally coming to a conclusion about her place in a DEO run by Lex Luthor, and Lena Luthor taking her next bold steps towards releasing her program to the world. These may be two storylines more than you probably needed, but progression is something to take where you can. Especially when it doesn’t do too much to distract you from the larger plot for the episode.

With the end of Supergirl “Back From the Future – Part Two”, was it worth it bringing back Winn for another hoorah with friends? Heck yes! A bar was set in my opinion. It was another emotional roller coaster, but every moment of it was exciting when this dupe really put everyone’s backs against the wall. Real stakes like this is not something they should ever give up for flimsy storytelling.

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