DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “A Head of Her Time” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “A Head of Her Time”! “Slay Anything” was one of  the best episodes we have gotten in a while which gave Nora her most impactful performance, and a disturbance in the timeline which had real stakes. After an episode like that, I was very anxious to see what “A Head of Her Time” had in store for us!

This week was not a bad time to shake things up so early. I think we all knew the reason why Sara would be called away on business so soon after the events of Crisis. However, that is another thing. For this week there is only the intrigue in what happens when this decision leaves Ava in control of the team. Her experience on the ship I have to say has been refreshing. It was last week where I said that Ava was simply getting the new Legend’s treatment. Figuring out the role she is meant to play and where she fits with a bunch of misfits. This episode took it a step further to also see if she still has it in her to be a leader. Not a bad idea if you ask me when it is a thing for Sara to not always be there to take charge. Normally someone more seasoned would jump in, but it makes sense that it would be Ava as someone both trusted and as we know is going to be around longer than a character like Ray for example.

With that said, I loved the humor in Ava trying to be a leader. Even now you would expect that she would struggle getting past the kind of leader she was in the Time Bureau. There was a mix of the kind of leader she wanted to be, while trying to some extent being like Sara in execution. This worked when the new Encore was one who took her outside of her comfort zone. There’s a big difference between being in a horror scene and trying to get in with the fancy crowd. That is what made her interactions with Zari interesting too. These two come from different worlds and yet found a middleground in figuring out the best way to handle an Encore who knows how to charm a room.

Where Zari fit into this was brilliant because there was so many ways that this episode could have gone for her, and they truly went the distance to create a genuine involvement. This is not to say that Zari did not have her moments here and there getting under the skin of Ava, getting reckless, and putting her own needs before others. Though by the end of the episode they didn’t waste the opportunity to show what drives her to see the world the way she does. This is a strong departure from the Zari we are familiar with, though over time it is worth the investment to see how she tries to find herself all over again.

This week’s Encore was a fun one. It goes without saying that it was a bold choice in this Encore looking like Nora. The Legend’s mission this time around took them to the 1700s to run into one Maria Antoinette. When they mentioned the French Revolution, I was definitely bracing myself for a lot of heads rolling, though it was fair that they tried to focus on just that one head which managed to reattach herself onto her body. This Encore in the en wasn’t as dangerous as the rest, but that didn’t stop Maria from being a bit more interactive than most aside from Rasputin.

Now if there was one thing about this season that they made clear to us from the start, it was that they would pull no punches digging into the past of John Constantine. This week was captivating for this character. Up to this point you simply enjoyed his progress in stopping Astra for all the moments that were simply him being himself. This week took a step back and addressed the fact that Constantine will get no further if he can’t be more than that facade. All of his mistakes, lies, and wrongs came back and quite literally smacked him in the face. It was heartbreaking, yet at the same time no lie was told that what Constantine experiences right now are things he has had coming. It made a big difference that we could finally also see some relevance to Charlie’s role in the show again. She is not one for mincing words, and held nothing back when Constantine fought every inch of the way to avoid owning up to his past.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “A Head of Her Time” was full of shenanigans and self-discovery. Not to mention character driven. An excellent week for two characters like Ava and this new Zari who are still figuring themselves out. Even better episode for a character like Constantine who has been forced to be real with himself for once. There’s never a better moment for Constantine than when he isn’t allowed to weasel his way out of growth and responsibility.

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