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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Marauders #8! In other words, the issue that we have all feared coming. Last week was a surprise for the fact that the chapter to follow wasn’t this team immediately finding out that Kate did not make her return trip to Krakoa. Everything right now is how they stumble upon this truth, and how this team responds to one of their own being killed.

What I found genius about this issue was the approach to the truth. This creative team eased us right into that gut punch with a genuine opener. With every new issue of an X-Book we get each week, we take a step further into life of a Krakoan. This issue was worth recognizing for the way that the kids are raised. Obviously they are not teaching the same way that they would if they all still lived in the mansion. So it is different to see how instead of being taught to survive, they are being taught to embrace their roles in this new world.

From there we jump into the reveal of Kate’s death. the approach towards this was great because they didn’t hold our hands or try to fill us with any suspense. They jumped right into the fact that Bishop was on this mission, and found what he was looking for, for better and for worse. How everyone was impacted by this in the moment was heartbreaking. It made sense that we would see anger, grief, sorrow, and pain. Everyone feared for this eventuality, but there is a fine line between preparing for it, and that time actually coming. How Iceman in particularly handled this was shocking. This is a guy who has all the power and yet could harm a fly. And here he was doing things with his powers that would make you cringe. “Kill no man” may be the law, but there is no law for stopping short of it!

Now I’m not going to lie and say that the big appeal for me this issue was the idea that we would get to see Storm and Emma come to blows over the loss of Kate. However, what made this such a powerful issue is that they didn’t waste our time with fighting that takes away form the grief these characters should be experiencing. This is not to say that someone doesn’t get hit, but it was not about either of them attacking the other. It was about them facing the reality that this was an idea which always had the risk of backfiring if they couldn’t keep Kate safe. I was taken back because Emma in particular did not respond the way you thought she would have. This is an Emma Frost who has reached a point in her storyline where one-hundred percent she cares again. Behind the glamour, there is a heart of gold which still melts.

Still with this issue it felt like an adjustment with Stefano Caselli taking over as artist, but there was no denying the quality work he brought to the table. Every moment of this issue resonates with you because Caselli and Edgar Delgado. Two things stood out more than anything out visually. The first thing was the interaction between Storm and Emma. Such a memorable moment that would not have hit us the same way if it were not for the imagery created by this art team. It was electrifying because we know Storm does not express her emotions well. The colors were explosive, the expressions from both characters were real and intense. Not to mention the body language from both gave us two distinct experiences in coping with loss. Going back to that scene with Iceman, it was quite literally chilling. It has been some time since I have seen someone draw this guy and get such an intimidating look from him. That coldness in his eyes said things words could not. Aside from that, sunning range of cold colors to create his icy composition.

Right now, if there is any book from the Dawn of X titles you would be crazy to miss out on, it is Marauders. This book is a roller coaster of emotions, and an adventure you aren’t going to get anywhere else. It is even so far along with giving us a tour of the new mutant world. Marauders #8 is one that will floor you more than Kate’s death when this is what it looks like when mortality greets the currently unkillable.

Marauders #8




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