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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about New Mutants #7! With the conclusion of the other story, now we are back to what is hopefully full-time with the New Mutants’ space adventure. The other story wasn’t bad, but this is what we initially signed on for, and the last issue ended on a note which left us all bracing for what comes next with this team’s backs against the wall deep in Shi’Ar space.

Now it was an issue like this where I appreciated this part of the story more than I ever did before. As with most openings, we have Roberto recapping what happened before and the situation they now find themselves in. However, this time around there was nothing held back when he went into full recap mode. Something that I don’t think anyone could have prepared for because he broke the fourth wall in such a creative way for an X-Book. I mean honestly, I got a good laugh out of it while at the same time wonder WTF I was reading at the time. Part of me even wished this was what it was like for the rest of the issue. A little humor never hurts anyone, especially when it is done in a way which takes nothing away from the seriousness of the story. This kind of storytelling we could only get during a time of supposed peace for the mutants.

That said, we obviously had to then get back to something normal for the rest of the issue. That being what happens when this team of New Mutants and one angry Deathbird confront the one who betrayed them. It was good to know that even though Roberto recapped through what we wanted to see happen next, we still got action regardless. That was worth it, despite that not being too long of a scene either. It was actually what came after which mattered a lot more. It was also refreshing that we could get a version of the Shi’Ar Empire where they have it more together than usual. It’s never going to be quiet for them, but it goes without saying that you welcome any book or issue where there can be some actual line of conversation created among them.

Now with the conclusion of this issue comes the end of the first arc. I think they handled it very well despite the thought some might have towards what we could have gotten out of this if it were longer. The takeaway from this issue was probably better than anything else we could have gotten out of this venture into space. That being the kind of team that the New Mutants are. I use the word team a lot, but they are more so written as a group or a family. This makes them stand out in contrast to others when it is written into the very way that they connect with each other and the rest of the mutant population.

Well, maybe not everyone. The only negative I would give is the relevance of Chamber and Mondo. Maybe the point was to add emphasis to the fact that they were joining an adventure with people who have more history together than them, but they just did not fit.

This one right here is definitely the best from Rod Reis, which is saying a lot when he has done incredible work in every issue so far. Reis’ work in this issue in particular jumps out at me because this is what it looks like when you have fun with your characters. This was experienced in almost every scene. The characters are lively, interactive, always fluent in the way they communicate with their bodies. Especially with characters like Rahne this was very much welcomed when it is rare that you will see her so comfortable in her own skin. There was a vibe to this chapter which he nailed from start to finish. It helped that this was a colorful issue too. Aside from this, the written pages were great for the fact that even there the fun didn’t end. Never would I have ever thought something like DnD would ever mix with X-Men.

It’s through issues like New Mutants #7 where we are really seeing this variety they said we should be getting from every X-Book. New Mutants is fun, endearing, though knows when to get real when it matters. A well-rounded book that I would recommend as much as Marauders for the very same reasons.

New Mutants #7




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