Review: Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8! Through the events of the previous issue this book continued to accomplish further exploring a corner of the Marvel Universe that not many creatives are bold enough to journey into. X-Men and Hulk fans needed an issue like that to legitimize the resurrection protocols and the green door. I couldn’t help but look forward to what came next for Jane Foster after that.

Not only because this is the start of a brand-new story arc, but because in this chapter we would finally see Jane team-up with Thor. Better yet, the All-Father of Asgard. A different kind of Thor who is a bit more hardened and burdened with responsibility on contrast to the kind of god he was before. Some will say who needs Thor in a Jane Foster story, but I always find these interactions between the two interesting. Not that one is needed to legitimize the other, though you know that when these two cross paths on this level, something big is about to happen. Well something big is coming that would take all that both could muster to put down. It also goes without saying that both have the strongest ties to Asgard while being the most connected to Midgard.

Before we get into all of that, the new story arc means a new look into Jane’s life. This is something I appreciate in every issue. What is normal anymore for Jane? All that time spent in a relationship with Thor, battling cancer, becoming Thor, and now being Valkyrie. It’s hard to look at a normal life the same way, but it is engaging to see Jane try to process that in her mind. Especially when in conversation with someone who gets that opportunity to indulge in the little things.

What made this issue turn out to be so thrilling was the fact that so quickly we went from calm to being thrown right into the fire. We expected something which involved the tree directly, and instead got something else entirely. We even got a team-up that was entirely unexpected than what was hyped up. Not that I’m complaining because it says a lot in a world like this where Valkyrie can exist around big name heroes and it be a normal collaboration. With that said, it also impressed me with how this A-List heroes were brought into this book without taking the attention away from Valkyrie herself. It makes a big difference being able to share the pages with other heroes and still be self-contained.

Now what makes this a good story arc off the bat is the fact that we are getting back to the Anti-Life. This was brought up before, but it was not as troubling as it should have been. Dealing with it was going to be an eventuality, and if you ask me better now than later that this was the case.

There was one thing I found very interesting about the interior work from the art team, and that was the choice in Thor that they went with. On the covers of these issues we are given a Thor drawn out the way he looks in his new solo title. Yet here he is in Valkyrie: Jane Foster still in his old attire. When already a few issues into Thor’s book, it throws you off a bit seeing that the look hasn’t caught up in this book. That said, everything else was once more stunning. CAFU and Jesus Aburtov produced amazing interior work between the calm before the storm, and the storm itself. It sticks with you seeing so many heroes involved, and so many things going on at once and these artists never once skipping a beat in rendering it all with clarity. Valkyrie herself stood out because even in this chapter she was finding more ways to use the all-weapon. It is appreciated every time that she is able to pull out a weapon we haven’t seen before. Aburtov definitely caught my attention this issue when he was able to jumping into such dark colors and form all of these creatures, shapes, and structures without losing them to having the same shade.

We’ve jumped from the death of Death to the death of Midgard. Yet this is just another day for Jane Foster as Valkyrie. So far Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8 started us off with a gripping introduction to this new story arc. The stakes have never been higher, and dangers which Valkyrie now face couldn’t be more of a challenge. We are all going to want to see how she overcomes this one.

Valkyrie: Jane Foster #8




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