DC Universe’s Harley Quinn Season Finale “The Final Joke” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the season finale of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn! I was not prepared for this week’s episode to come. This show is probably one of the best that DC has put out, and you can quote me on that! There is unique humor, no boundaries on language, real action, and most importantly relevant themes explored. What more could you ask for? Though let me not get too ahead of myself. Right now we are here to talk about what comes next for Harley Quinn and her crew now that The Joker has taken out their heavy-hitter and ready to take on the city of Gotham.

Color me impressed, this was an excellent conclusion to Harley’s journey. The fun in a series like this is that you never knew exactly what you were bracing for. We knew that Harley was not going to go down without a fight against The Joker, and we knew that The Joker was going to shake everything up through a facelift of the city. However, the devil is in the details. You could not have prepared for how wrong things could have gone for Harley. Taking down The Joker like this was always going to be easier said than done. Especially when someone like Harley does not have the same access to resources that could match a tower packing some serious heat. Her attempts with the crew was crushing, yet also humorous at the same time. They did not waste a good opportunity to show what happens when they team-up with the Bat.

With that said, it was entertaining to journey through a Gotham City under the control of The Joker. Just when you think you’ve seen everything from this clown, he proves once more that you should keep on your toes. His brand of humor was cruel, petty, obviously violent to some extent, though all the same creative. Part of me almost wanted to see more of the things he could get away with having no one to stand in his way. The best takeaway from seeing this much of The Joker was also getting a villain who was anything but sympathetic. Not once did they give us this image of someone who had a heart. Almost everything was a game of words and getting the right response from them.

Being that this was at the same time supposed to be the point of no return Harley hits for her separation from Joker, they couldn’t have ended this any better for her. If there was one thing we all took from this first season more than anything else, it was the signs and habits which come with someone escaping from an abusive relationship. She struggled with escaping the dependency, identifying the signs that she was allowing the person to control her decisions, even realizing that there was too much give with no return. She really had to reach that point where there was that one thing he took that brought the reality of the situation crashing down on her head. That was the only way that we could get ourselves to this Harley who is genuinely confident in her decision to be her own person and break away from the toxicity. After this finale, I want a season two that starts her from this point moving forward.

Now when you’re a fan of Poison Ivy, you know exactly who you are dealing with. Even if this is the animated series, there are some things you simply cannot change about certain characters like her. So despite knowing that this was not going to be a permanent death for Ivy, this did not change the anxiousness in seeing how they would inevitably bring her back in this season finale. Before we get around to that, of course I should say that the moment of her death was beautifully executed. It came out of nowhere, and what emotional reaction this brought out in Harley brought it all together. From there, it was nice to see how she could be mourned. Ivy was not technically part of the crew, but she was around these characters enough that there was no reason for them not to all care for her death. When her time came to step back into the spotlight, it worked for me for the fact that there was nothing too leading about it. Aside from that one second, you had the majority of an episode where her death was a weight on the atmosphere.

Beyond this, other things were a trip in this finale. I’ve never said quite as much as I should have, but the writing for Commissioner Gordon was genius from start to finish this season. This is undeniably an exaggerated version of Gordon. That much we can’t deny either, though it was hilarious to jump into every scene with him and simply enjoy their explanation for why this city is overrun with so much chaos. Even the writing for Batman was genius because it felt much more natural when this one guy who is only human faces situations where he should not be as invincible as he comes across.

All in all, the season finale of DC Universe’s Harley Quinn ended on a note where it would have been a crime if there were not more to come. Of everything DC has put out so far, aside from maybe Swamp Thing, there is no other series more deserving of getting another season than this one. I’ll say it again, DC found a winner in giving Harley Quinn her spotlight in animated form.

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