DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Mortal Khanbat” Review

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Mortal Khanbat”! So far this season is off to a great start. The same shenanigans, but at the same time just enough character developments and drive to keep us engaged with this cast. It’s as they said, the whole point of the Legends is to put characters together who have something about themselves to fix. This stops being the Legends when you don’t have characters who need to figure themselves out or find their purpose.

Now when it came to this episode, I was definitely surprised that Sara would still be away from the Waverider, but who can argue with this time away when having Ava in charge is refreshing? After her experience with the last mission, this one shook things up for her where there was much more confidence in how she approached taking charge. This is not to say that she didn’t have moments here and there where she feels the weight of things not going to plan. Though that is just another day in the life of a Legend. This new Encore actually provided her with the opportunity to be more in her comfortzone which wasn’t a bad choice. I mean, Genghis Khan in 1990s Hong Kong? Scary of course, but nothing that isn’t right up her alley.

Speaking of Genghis Khan, he turned out to be a cool choice in Encore. Initially I was on the fence about them using Genghis Khan because a lot of time traveling stories find a way to involve him somehow. He gets thrown into a modern setting and they try to show how dangerous he can be as someone who adapts to the many resources he never had before. This could have all been a predictable experience, yet it managed to hit us with some surprises for the fact that this version of him was already packing with a magical weapon, and knew exactly what he was stepping into when returning to the world of the living. Well, I should say that off the bat the biggest difference was that he was resurrected rather than displaced through time.

The only disappointment this time around was that the mission wasn’t that memorable. When you sat aside the unique differences to this encounter with Genghis Khan, there was a lot of other things which held your attention more than simply stopping him.

After so long, here we are at the episode where everything finally comes to light about Charlie’s mysterious past. In order for someone like her to have been tied to the Loom of Fate, she had to be more important than she was originally letting on. The build-up was great because there was no way at this point she could simply be a shapeshifter. And even as a shapeshifter there must always be an original form. There wasn’t anything to see yet, but the explanation was perfect. Right now there has never been a character like her on the Waverider. They backed her into a corner good, and the shock of the reveal was even better. In general this was a great transition from last week’s episode. There’s still ways to go with characters like Ava and Zari, but this was a great time to send the message that there are still those like Charlie who have yet to begin going through the process of fixing their situation.

With that said, this reveal was also genius because this was also he first true connection that we have gotten out of the Crisis event. There was changes that the event brought upon the show, but nothing that significantly influenced the direction of the plot the way that Charlie now has. You would think that Astra and her Encores are the worst that the Legends would have to deal with this season, and then just as easily we would be proven wrong by what is now coming for Charlie and anyone who stands in the way of that looming encounter.

Behrad’s apparent relationship with Charlie was a nice development, though it didn’t do too much for him this episode. We need to see him in more vulnerable situations where the focus is on him. That is the only way we can genuinely dig into what makes him tick as a new character.

Outside of that madness was the tense other half of the story involving Constantine’s clock running down. This part was interesting considering how much time was spent putting Constantine through the motions with nothing before him but death at the hands of terminal lung cancer. He did his thing of course. you know, lashing out at everyone who is supposed to be a friend, sinking his emotions in drinks and cigarettes. What made the biggest difference here was the fact that both Gary and Ray were there and don’t give up so easily when someone is in need of help. Inevitably this created an endearing moment that fortunately they didn’t allow Constantine to indulge in too much.

All in all, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow “Mortal Khanbat” was a roller coaster of emotions and discovery. You wouldn’t have guessed who Charlie actually turned out to be, and you certainly wouldn’t have guessed what kind of card Constantine still held up his sleeve to prolong his stay in the fight.

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