Review: Amethyst #1

What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of Wonder Comics’ Amethyst! I gotta say, I don’t know what got over me with this one. Suddenly I see this book, the words swords and sorcery, and instantly I was hooked by the idea of finally seeing what is up with this book. What can I say? I’m a sucker for something magical. That was what I looked forward to most from this first issue.

Now when it comes to Amethyst, this isn’t an original creation like some other books we are getting from Wonder Comics, Young Animals, or Black Label. This is an already established series that is now relaunching once more. Up to this point, I never found myself with the opportunity to explore what this one had to offer. The minute I caught wind that there was a new #1 coming to Wonder Comics, I had to take a chance on the idea that this could be a new addition to my pull-list. Now the only question which remained was how accessible this book would be to someone like me who is not too familiar with Amethyst, her world, or the very gist of her story.

From the first page to the last we were eased into everything we needed to know about her story. We got small summary of the kind of girl she is while living on Earth, and then from there blew the doors open to what life is like living in Gemworld. Through a smooth narration of events, our main character was just going down a check-list of all the things which probably would have I would say that Amy Reeder nailed everything that was crucial about the structure of the world, what Amethyst’s first experience was like there, and from there leading into what came next from her. With just enough time as well she did well enough setting up what is to be the plot for the first arc. A situation which Amethyst has never been in, and one which keeps everyone on their toes because there are so many unknowns with the lack of anything to go off of aside from the fact that her kingdom is missing, and her subjects have vanished. It was one thing to know that she was going to be left on her own, but another thing entirely to see how alone she could be made to feel while trying to figure things out.

If there was one concern I did have about Amethyst, it was the possibility that this was going to be cliche for a story having a young lead. Not that this isn’t a book released for an imprint aimed to a younger audience, but it’s always nice when you can accomplish this without resorting to that kind of writing. Fortunately for us, Amy Reeder gave us an introduction into this world that was worth investing in. Amethyst is the kind of character who acts out of duty and responsibility. You would think that we would run into that typical kid who gets angsty about living a life on two different worlds, and here she was owning it.

Part of what also sold me on jumping into this book was the fact that Amy Reeder was going to tackle both the story and art. I absolutely love when any creator does this because normally everything flows so well between the story the writing tells, and the story the imagery creates. Amethyst is as colorful of a book as I thought it would be. Simply saying it looks fantastical does not do it justice when this is a world which takes the theme of gems and runs all the way with it. Between that, the settings, and the things which inhabit this world, all things you could only see in a book like this.

If you’re looking for fantasy adventure in your pull-list? Amethyst #1 should be a great addition as a book that will offer mystery, adventure, and exploration. Three things that are surely enough to give you just the fantastical experience you need.

Amethyst #1




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