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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about the debut of Falcon & Winter Soldier #1! Once more that time to hit up a new #1 and see what all the buzz is about! Considering the Disney+ series that is in production, it makes sense that eventually they would find a way to put Falcon and Winter Soldier together in the same book. That’s easy when it comes to the MCU, though it made you wonder how they could accomplish this through the books. What kind of force would it take to reunite two ex-Captain Americas?

Before we get into that, of course we have to address the ease of access for a book like Falcon & Winter Soldier. The first question anyone would have to ask is if it matters that you are caught up with whatever these two have been up to. The good news is that you do not. For the most part, all that matters is what happens right here in this first issue and how that brings Falcon and Winter Soldier together. All anyone really needed to know about Winter Soldier in particular was that up to this point he still had a problem with getting around being a wanted criminal in the eyes of the government. And now he’s not under specific conditions. Aside from those small details, there is nothing else that you would call need to know that would keep you from being able to get what is unfolding.

Jumping into how this story unfolds, there was a fast pacing to it all. We got the danger from said dramatic attempt on the life of Bucky Barnes, we got his response to the attack, how it led him to Sam, and how they began asking all the right questions which would begin to kick this into high gear. Not a moment was wasted as well to show how both of them perform very well doing this kind of work. The kind where they are gathering information, picking up leads, and putting pieces together. At the same time, they did not waste an opportunity to show how both still come from two very different worlds. If there was one thing we knew was going to be a possibility, it was that these two would bump heads about how they uncover the new leader of Hydra. They did not disappoint.

Some might say that using HYDRA as the villain is a bit played out at this point, but when done right it works for a story. In the case of Falcon & Winter Soldier it works for the fact that there’s a number of unknowns about their new resurgence, as well as this new asset of theirs who is a monster for his size.

Baring in mind the kind of book this is, they knocked it out of the park giving us action from start to finish. The action scene that this issue opened up on was a thrill because they had no problem giving us a battle where it was imply Bucky showing us how formidable Bucky can be whether unarmed, or even outnumbered. After that, the thrill continued because who would have guessed such a small package could have been behind an office of dead government agents? Be able to give two ex-Captain Americas a run for their money? Overall, the kind of action they delivered was right up the alley of these two. Nothing too super about it. Just taking advantage of what people in their area of expertise excel at.

One of the biggest draw-ins for me was seeing that part of this art team was Federico Vicentini on pencils. This isn’t the first book I have read with his artwork, and the interior work for that book left me stunned. He does not skip a beat in detail, his fight choreography is smooth, and knows how to transition one action into the next in each panel. Obviously it was just as important that he is a penciler who knows how to drawn his characters naturally. Beyond this, the color work was solid, nothing over the top when things got brutal, though overall a great range to it all. What stood out to me more than anything else is how well Matt Milla does as one of those colorist who has a brilliant handle of skin tones.

Action spectacular is the right way to describe Falcon & Winter Soldier #1. When this story began? This creative team hit the ground running with what comes from Bucky and Sam joining forces. Pacing and momentum will be key in every issue after this one keeping us at the edge of our seats for this high-octane action.

Falcon & Winter Soldier #1




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