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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Far Sector #4! Wow, only on issue #4 and already crap has hit the fan in such a monumental way. This mystery just keeps dragging us down this hole which seems never-ending in twists and turns. You have people who secretly are allowing themselves to feel, people who are against others ruining their ‘peaceful’ lives, and then the madness of what the powers that be are willing to do to put a lid on this situation. Jo may be a rookie, but that does not suggest that she is no stranger to the kind of job she has been requested to deal with. And this one may have triggered the worst response from her for anyone who has now ticked her off.

What came next for Jo was brilliant because for everything we have seen of her past, which is still so very little, we know that she draws a line in the sand when it comes to the safety of the innocent. Especially when the people who are supposed to be upholding the law are the ones instigating trouble. The dialogue to follow for her was so genuine and coming from a place of understanding. Still you would be swept off your feet because this creative team pulled no punches creating a real argument for what peace is this time around. While of course at the same time capturing the true fire behind her words. Even if in that moment she was only giving them a taste of her powers. And speaking of her powers, how they transitioned into explaining the surface level of them was a genius move. Some things you could have figured out yourself, while others things definitely would have had to be picked up by someone else who was seeing things from a different perspective. It definitely makes you itch for that one scene where everything is laid out for us to get the full difference between this experimental ring and a legitimate ring.

With this fourth issue, it was good seeing that little time was wasted really getting into how troublesome the powers that be could really be for Jo. It wasn’t enough to just know that they could go so far as to open fire on an unarmed crowd. We needed to know how far they would go to keep someone like Jo from further interfering with how they maintain the peace. Not only that, but how far they would go to argue for the way things are going to keep going. At this point we can pretty much piece together that not everyone was onboard with the idea that a Lantern would be there to lend a hand. This was the time to show what that looks like for those who would push back. It knocks you off your feet when the truth to that drops on your lap like a bomb though.

The tease about the origin of her ring keeps growing with each passing issue. This week makes you more anxious than ever when apparently there is something at stake in the circumstances in which she was given this experimental power. Who’s blue hand is that? Why Jo of all people? To what end? We need to know!

Without a doubt at this point Far Sector is one of DC’s most gorgeous books to pick up. Heck, Jamal Campbell is probably one of the best artists they could have put on any book, though I’m personally happy that book just so happened to be this one. This is some of his best work yet, and this is coming from someone who was simply blown away by his work in NAOMI. With Far Sector he is given so much room to play with new races you have never seen before, a playground of new wardrobes, even things done with a ring that you have never seen from the others. Though what truly sells you on this book and issues like this one was the emotional weight that he is able to bring out in his characters. It wasn’t enough to read that fire from Jo, we saw it too, and that sold us on every key character moment for her. It made such a big difference in the way he consistently plays with the panels and pages too. This time around doing much more with panels which focused in on specific expressions for maximum engagement from all characters involved.

Everyone right now is looking at their favorite Green Lantern for the 80th Anniversary, but for me that Lantern just so happens to be Green Lantern Jo Mullein. That may be a quick decision after only four issues, but none share a personality and use of the ring quite like this. Far Sector #4 solidified that choice through the tackling of relevant themes that we see in our own world, and handled with such brilliance towards accuracy and proper engagement.

Far Sector #4




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