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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about New Mutants #8! After the conclusion of the first space adventure from the New Mutants, it was a wonder what would come next in this book. Little did I know that this would involve more time spent on Earth with the other members of the team like Boom-Boom and Armor. If you thought the adventures with them were over, New Mutants #8 said otherwise with that cover image.

Even then you still had to question what came next for them, and how Magma would make her way into the story. From the start of this issue we are taken right into that. A Magma-led mission, though the situation was definitely familiar. So far there is no harm in a book that is willing to take a more direct approach towards addressing the problem of mutants incapable of accessing the gates set up around the world. This wasn’t the first time that we saw beasts used as a deterrent, but there hasn’t been a case where we got insight into how dangerous those beasts were. New Mutants #8 offered that opportunity and did not waste the insight we all got into what mutants are dealing with when those things step into play.

With that said, it was just a bit heartbreaking for the fact that no matter what goes wrong, there are unfortunate events everywhere you turn. This mutant team saved the day? Well that is the bright side of the situation considering it all began with a death. It makes one cringe understanding that for the most part it is children who are trying to escape for these gates and being met with cruelty. Obviously this only works towards the benefit of these Dawn of X stories when there is no paradise without a nightmare to escape from.

The takeaway from this was the help that Boom-Boom and Armor were supposed to gain from getting proactive again. This was a commendable next step given to Armor, though a surprise when it came to Boom-Boom. This version of her is clearly a party girl who prefers having no care in the world on Krakoa, rather than getting her hands dirty in the field. It makes sense that we would run into some X-Men who are like that. It makes the impact that much more meaningful when it is time to get serious again and the reality of the world gives a smack to the face. Taking on a new enemy for them was the best way to blow off some steam and create a new sense of purpose where the last was stepped over by criminals.

What managed to catch me by surprise was seeing how Krakoa would respond to that incident. There was no way that there could be no answer for mutants being attacked, and innocents being killed by greed for mutant medicine. Who went to deal with the situation was a shock, how he did it was brilliant, and the message he sent was chilling. I actually found myself applauding said person even though it was someone who deserved it after what he has done recently.

Still I find myself glad with the fact that both halves of the book come with two different art teams. Any other time and I might feel as though there should be consistency, but in the case of New Mutants it helps to create some distinction. The pencil work was something to appreciate a bit more this time around. A lot more room to play with having a natural setting, and more fun to have with the characters as it took some time to dig into the seriousness in what they were called to take care of. It also mattered that the way that these characters were drawn was expressive considering what they were supposed to get out of this adventure mentally. Aside from this, the colors were bold and made the art pop. Again this is a great way to slice the difference between an experience in space, and one on Earth. Now one could say that maybe the colors could dim a bit considering some of the tragedy experiencing in this half of the book, but at the same time the boldness holds a strong emphasis on the hope that it still gives off from these mutants answering the call to action. I mean, lets not also forget the fact that these are three ladies whose powers do not are anything but dull. They are the very definition of flashy if there was one for mutants.

Through the conclusion of New Mutants #8, we are far from done with our stories on Earth. Even if you want more of the other team, there is no denying what is gained from experiencing what others go through who are still out there fighting the good fight for mutants who still need liberation from the human world.

New Mutants #8




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