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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Quantum & Woody #2! The world’s worst superheroes are back at it again! Quantum & Woody #1 was an exciting return to the world of screw-ups and failures. Because even when a team like this saves the day? You can hardly call it that when they miss accomplishing just about everything superheroes are supposed to take into account when fighting the good fight.

With this second issue this creative team was moving with a fast pace jumping into what came next for the world’s worst superheroes. You would think that there would be some build-up to the next chaotic act of heroism they attempt to perform, and then you would be proven wrong when the first scene throws them right into the fire once more. This situation was not as bad as what happened in the first issue, but all the same their brand of chaos when nothing goes as planned. The entertainment we got from this was the fact that these two simply are not on the same page. Nothing new, but this is supposed to be a point where they are trusting each other not to screw the other over. Especially in the case of Woody who is almost known for messing up because he doesn’t think through everything he does.

This brings us to the introduction of a new character into the story. It was a bold move so early in the book, but I welcomed what this character so soon had to offer the duo. Quantum & Woody is a book you look to for humor of course, but at the same time you do expect some strong character moments shared between the two of them. Who better to help than someone who experiences their troubles from an outside perspective? Aside from that, the character was cool as a proper comparison of what a superhero looks like next to them.

With that said, one hing hyped up about this issue was the fact that there’s a brain monster and an ice-skating horse in this one. It was indeed something to enjoy when these were not your normal situations to deal with in a superhero book. I mean, Doctor Toilet? That is certainly not a name you would ever see in a book you take seriously. Yet at the same time the right kind of villain to throw their way because they do unleash brand-new superpowers, and they were actually pretty awesome upgrades. It was about time for some of the things they are only now allowing themselves to do.

Something to appreciate going into this second issue is the way that this new volume has been reintroducing us to this team. Right now is the best time to get into this series. The summary of who they are did not end after the first issue. Even with this one they play with a set of transitional scenes highlighting key points in their origins, versus where they ended up in the present. All of which of course plays a bigger part in emphasizing the kind of brother that Woody is. If the message wasn’t sent before, they are continuing to do it now. Obviously something is not right about this scheme Woody has set in motion, and someone out there knows that he is full of crap. The only quest after that, is how long it will take for Quantum to pull the ripcord to get down to the truth?

After this second issue, I definitely found more comfort in the work from this art team. Ryan Browne is in his element with Quantum & Woody. I remember at first there was definitely some reservations towards his style of art in contrast to other pencilers who have tackled this book. However, quickly he showed that he has just a bit more to offer than the rest. Browne jumps into this series with the perspective of someone who is trying to find that middleground between what’s outrageous, and what is organic about this also being a grounded story. Grounded may seem like an odd choice of wording, but Quantum and Woody are superheroes who don’t do the big stuff. Everything they do is closer to the ground. The colors from Ruth Redmond made a big difference in capturing this atmosphere too. For the most part the colors will be tame, but knows when to turn up the explosiveness for a book that doesn’t really know chill when crap hits the fan. The blasting, explosions, even the blood. Nothing over the top, but the boldness does jump out at you.

Compared to the first issue, Quantum & Woody #2 gives you a lot more reason to invest in this new volume. Familiar foes, new allies, new powers, and again only in the second issue. What more could you ask for? Plenty, but for now there is something to love about a comical series which goes the extra mile to be compelling at the same time.

Quantum & Woody #2

Quantum & Woody #2



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