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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about Suicide Squad #3! It only took two issues for us to find out where things could go wrong with this new iteration of the team. Not just because Waller is out of the picture, not just because they are being forced to work with people who killed their people and vice versa, but because a new team does not change the usual crap that these guys go through in their missions. What started out as a simple toppling of a sovereignty turned into something else entirely when not even the brain bombs can change these rebel’s agenda.

Since that issue, I had to know where they go from there. The answer to that was both painful and thrilling. Before we get into what happened with the team, of course we should further address this drastic difference between Waller and Lok. This guy is a true monster. How he responded to this failure was where things got painful. If there was one thing we knew about Waller, it was the fact that the only way she would snap is if she knew that someone was trying to screw her. However, in the case of Lok he is completely driven by anger and fury. A dangerous combination for villains and ‘terrorists’ who are caught on the wrong side of that backlash. Getting back to the team, Deadshot from that moment was now thrown right into a dangerous position as someone who knows what’s up with The Revolutionaries. Even if we knew that he wasn’t going get offed by any of them, this did not ignore the fact that something has to be done with someone like him who knows too much.

How that was handled was quite clever, because quickly we were hit with a huge shake-up to the direction this story was taking. I mean, we all pretty much knew that The Revolutionaries had no intentions of one-hundred percent going through the things they are forced to do, but there had to be some endgame for their actions at the same time. What we come to learn of that was both bold and genius at the same time. Once more Suicide Squad lives up to being that kind of book where you expect the unexpected. To jump into any single issue thinking you have things figured out is simply leaving yourself open for disappointment.

Now for the rest of the mission, I was excited when not a panel was wasted in getting down into what really makes The Revolutionaries a formidable team. To me, that was also where the interior art was at its best. I loved every scene where we were seeing their powers used in more creative ways and with different dynamics to match. Jog for example had my attention every time because they had fun with what a speedster can accomplish who does a lot in a short burst. They brought a single page down into many frames and put an intriguing emphasis on every action between what he does and the result. It was even more impressive the things they have allowed him to do as a lesser-speedster in general.

Only three issues in and things are moving fast. I like that. If you told me that by the end of this issue we would learn what the deal was with Lok? I would have told you you were crazy because we never figure things out that fast with a book like this. However, that is what you get from Tom Taylor. Someone who doesn’t beat around the bushes. He cut right through the guessing and suspense to jump right into the meat of this story. You know, the stuff we’re really supposed to be investing in because there really had to be more to this change of command than Lok simply taking over for Waller. Which makes you wonder, where is Amanda Waller? What happens to someone who has dedicated so much time and effort into a task force like this, only to walk away from it?

The lettering in this issue specifically was surprisingly very colorful. I was not expecting to get so much from these characters having a line of conversation between them that was special enough that every person got their own color to distinguish their voice. Overall, I admired the shape of the speech bubbles as something you don’t see often when someone is communicating telepathically. Aside from this, the book remains very colorful as a whole. I am still impressed with the decision that was made to bring Adriano Lucas aboard as a colorist who knows how to render an eye-catching scene. His colors have depth, boldness, range, and so much more going for them which makes the art pop. Especially when it comes to the action scenes.

This is a book which keeps getting better and better. If you thought this was going to be too different from your average Suicide Squad book to jump in? Rest assured, you are investing in the same high-octane action, violence, and shock. Better yet, this is Suicide Squad which starts off on a better note than most with momentum and high stakes from the get-go. Suicide Squad #3 was a wake-up call as well that you should simply sit back and let this story unfold on its own. This creative team clearly has plans to flip the script on us when we least expect it.

Suicide Squad #3




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