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What’s up everyone! Welcome to Beyond The Panel. Coming at you today with talk about X-Men #7! After the events of X-Men #6 we found ourselves struck with yet another crack in this paradise for mutantkind. What is a mutant situation if there is no way for these mutants to screw each other? Either way, that was simply another subplot set in motion. This week brings us to one more involving the “Crucible”. I was very anxious to find out what exactly that is.

I’m sure that at this point we all had this idea in our heads as to what this X-Men book was going to be. At a time like this, normally we would get a core book where it is all X-Men team fighting as a team against your average villain or mutant-hater. And yet that this not the case here. This book has provided us issue after issue of insight and exploration into the new mutant world. Who can argue with that? Certainly not this guy because I will always say that world-building is one of the most crucial elements to take advantage of if creatives want to truly engage readers in a story. That is how this book has so far consistently broke the mold. This week they continue to do just that when X-Men #7 provides the story we have longed for which properly takes us into a real discussion about the resurrections.

A real discussion that is also a long time coming since it should be impossible for there to be no objections about the process. Now what grabs your attention instantly is where the objection lied. That was a clever development since you couldn’t have prepared yourself for the unique way that it would be used as a way of healing. Neither could you have braced yourself for the rituals it would be used for which turned out to be quite brutal.

Taking this walk with Cyclops and Nighcrawler made a big difference since on one hand it would make sense for someone like Cyclops to take as many perspectives into account when he pass judgement on the way he feels about something. Then on the other hand you have Nightcrawler who is very religious, and yet finding himself on a different path of religion after the creation of Krakoa.

That said, there was a couple of scenes which really caught my eye. You have to love the way Hickman subtly throws in small things here and there to get the wheels in your head turning about character relationships. This time around reinforcing one while stirring another. I gotta say, this thing between Scott, Logan, and Jean is quite the puzzle. So much you could piece together yourself, and yet Hickman refuses to outright have these characters themselves say. The big talk is that they may have a triangle going, and this was one heck of a time to intensify those theories. The other was a bit more intriguing for something which stirred more questions than answers. Especially when it comes to things kept from the rest of the mutant population.

The only thing which probably kept the emotions of this story from hitting us the way it should have, was the art from Leinil Francis Yu. It is with issues like this where he affects the impact of the visual storytelling most. What you can never take from him is the fact that his art is gorgeous, intricate in detail, and immersive in every rendering. However, this doesn’t say too much when it comes to how cold his characters come off. You don’t experience the pain, sorrow, intrigue, or even happiness the same way because the characters are stiff. Luckily with a colorist like Sunny Gho, there is never a dull moment for the beautiful pallete of colors used to breathe life into this world. Especially when it comes to the lively colors which go into the more festive and celebratory moments for the Krakoans.

With legitimacy given to the Resurrection Protocols, this creative team could have chosen a better time to jump into what other ways the Krakoans take advantage of this life they have been given where death is meaningless, and yet meaningful at the same time. For that, X-Men #7 came out as one of the most compelling issues of the series so far. There is nothing to be lost from spending issues like this further exploring what life is like for all mutants on this paradise.

X-Men #7




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